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It's time to choose, open soon! 6 advent calendars with cosmetic surprises
It's time to choose, open soon! 6 advent calendars with cosmetic surprises

An Advent calendar is a great way to cheer you up for the holiday season. And also for testing new beauty products, because such a set is always more profitable to buy than all cosmetic products separately!

It's time to choose, open soon! 6 advent calendars with cosmetic surprises

We have collected the most beautiful and diverse adventures that will be a great gift - especially for your beloved one;) Contents of the article 1. What is an advent calendar with beauty tools and how to use it 2. Dior Advent Calendar 3. Clarins Advent Calendar 4. Advent calendar Lumene 5. Advent calendar classic, L'Occitane 6. Advent calendar Kiehl's 7. Advent calendar 12 Days Of Christmas, Lush Hide

For Western beauty lovers, Christmas and New Year are not only holiday discounts and bright collections. There are also constant surprises - thanks to the advent calendars that the whole world goes crazy about. They began to appear in Russia only a few years ago, but have already found constant fans.

The Advent calendar is a winter tradition that is a pleasure to follow. The general essence of such a set comes down to one principle: there are closed cells, and each of them must be opened in a certain sequence. And find another surprise inside, be it a Christmas tree toy, candy or cosmetic. Still, the days before the New Year are counted not only by children.

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What is a beauty advent calendar and how to use it

Cosmetic advent calendars are perhaps the ones that really give the feeling of the holiday. It's also a great way to try out miniature media formats and see if you like them. And at a much more favorable price when compared with a regular purchase! And here another difficulty arises - how to restrain yourself and not open all the cells at once?..

The classic Advent calendar format assumes the presence of 24 cells - to receive surprises from December 1 to Catholic Christmas Eve. But since we all celebrate Christmas on different days, over time, other sizes of advent sets have appeared.

In our selection you will find different beauty calendars with care and decorative cosmetics. And even with perfume compositions!

Dior Advent Calendar

24 products, including a collection of perfumes

Words fail to describe how luxurious this Advent calendar is. From the outside, it looks like an object of art! And this is not surprising - the famous artist Alice Shirley worked on the design of the set.

The main highlight of the Dior gift "palace" is as many as 8 fragrances lurking in its "windows". In addition to these, you will find a scented candle, beauty products and timeless make-up classics from the fashion house in the set, including mascara, red and nude lipstick.

Clarins Advent Calendar

12 coolest tools

On the eve of the New Year, Clarins invites you to get acquainted in detail with its main bestsellers - from perfecting products for the face to make-up products from the updated lines.

In this set you will find everything you need for your daily beauty routine. And even blush and mascara!

Lumene Advent Calendar

24 secrets of northern beauty

17 skin care products and 7 color cosmetics products. The Lumene Advent Calendar is the ultimate guide to the brand's ranges. There are both quite classic tools and rather unusual formats. For example, a pressed serum for correcting age-related changes and a prebiotic cocktail for the skin. And with 100% vegan formulations!

Advent calendar classic, L'Occitane

Advent calendar loxitan
24 aromatic products with natural formulations

L'Occitane's advent calendars are perhaps the most famous in our country.Thanks to this set, you can make an express acquaintance with the main collections of the brand, or, to be more precise, the bestsellers for hand, face and hair care.

This year, among the cult products in the cells of the Advent calendar, the brand's novelties will be hidden, for example: Immortelle face cream and Verbena hand gel-cream. And, of course, a couple of extra funds.

Kiehl's Advent Calendar

24 complete care products. And even full-size formats

You've probably heard a lot of good things about Kiehl's organic products. Now you have the opportunity to personally get acquainted with the most popular products of the brand and form your opinion about them. This Advent calendar includes masks with different types of effects, and creams with moisturizing, nourishing and matting effects, and as many as 6 face serums - with vitamins and retinol in their composition. A real paradise for lovers of home beauty experiments!

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Advent Calendar 12 Days Of Christmas, Lush

12 days of relaxation in the bathroom

For those who like to bask for a long time in foam and hot water, this is the perfect gift for you! Lush's Advent Calendar features 12 exciting bathroom innovations - from limited edition winter bombs and bath foams to shower gels, scrubs and body oils. With such a set, no pre-holiday stress is terrible. And guaranteed daily anticipation of water treatments!

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