They don't work: which beauty products are no longer worth buying
They don't work: which beauty products are no longer worth buying

Some of these have only recently appeared in stores, while others have been considered an important part of daily facial care for decades. In fact, today their formulas are considered outdated, ineffective and even dangerous. We asked the beautician to tell you which cosmetics you no longer need to buy. And if they are in your arsenal, think about replacing them as soon as possible!

They don't work: which beauty products are no longer worth buying Irina Starostina

Irina Starostina cosmetologist, director of Sweet beauty salon

Washing soap

The soap cleans well, is convenient to use, and is sold in any store. You can buy a more expensive option from a professional brand that promises real miracles. But in any case, its ability to cleanse "to a squeak" is a double-edged sword. Excessive cleansing dries up and irritates, provoking the appearance of not only wrinkles, but also inflammation, chronic redness, sensitivity and unpleasant peeling. This is due to the fact that there is a layer of fat on the surface of the skin, which protects it from water loss, dryness, dirt and dust. Soap, with regular use, washes away this layer and leaves the skin unprotected.

By the way, this effect is due to several components in the composition: sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS, as it is customary to abbreviate it) and directly what is called soap - potassium salts of vegetable oils. In the formulations, they are masked under a two-word name: sodium or potassium. Most often, the name sodium hydroxide can be seen, and products with this substance should be avoided in the first place, especially if the component is at the top of the ingredient list.


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Alcohol lotions

Immediately I remember the cucumber face lotion that our grandmothers used:) Even for those who like to deeply cleanse their face, this is not an option, since alcohol greatly dries the skin. Of course, an alcoholic lotion can remove any dirt from the epidermis surface. But remember that alcohol is a corrosive medium and removes not only grease and dust, but also important nutrients. Alcohol tonic, with constant use, contributes to the disruption of the natural water-saving function. This leads to dehydration of the skin and the production of more sebum. And this, in turn, inevitably leads to the appearance of even greater inflammation and acne.

Scrubs with aggressive abrasives (apricot pits, nut shells, large synthetic granules, sea salt)

One of the main disadvantages of these scrubs is poorly processed abrasive particles. This is especially dangerous for inflamed skin. When using this scrub, you scratch the top layer and can spread the infection across the skin, provoking even more inflammation. Remember: any scrubs can only be used on the skin without rashes. And it is better not to use them at all, opting for acids or more advanced products.


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Peeling roll

And this type of peeling has become irrelevant due to its too mild effect.

Surely you think that the characteristic pellets that appear on the face after a massage with a rolling peeling are dead cells of the epidermis. But if this were true, then it is difficult to imagine how much the skin manages to become keratinized, if every time, no matter how often you perform the procedure, so many particles roll down. In fact, such products include cellulose fibers or acrylates, which simply turn a gel into a peeling roll. That's all their magic! The only category of girls who can recommend this type of peeling is the owners of sensitive skin. Rolled particles polish the skin much more gently than abrasives in scrubs and microspheres in gommages.

The main thing is to remember: acids are used much more effectively in modern cosmetology (in a small and safe amount). They gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin without damaging it.

Steam baths and home saunas for the face

I'd like to believe that fewer and fewer girls are using this "effective" home method. It does not bring anything, except traumatization of blood vessels! Steam baths are strictly prohibited in case of too dry or sensitive skin, irritation, rash or inflammation. But if after reading what you have read, you still have a desire to use them, then do it exclusively under the supervision of a cosmetologist.

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