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Daughters of Gazmanov, Tabakov, Krapivina: what the debutantes of the Tatler-2021 ball look like
Daughters of Gazmanov, Tabakov, Krapivina: what the debutantes of the Tatler-2021 ball look like

Very soon Moscow will host the main social event of the year - the Tatler magazine debutante ball. Let's take a look at the girls together, which will soon be discussed by the whole country!

Daughters of Gazmanov, Tabakov, Krapivina: what the debutantes of the Tatler-2021 ball look like

Every autumn, the Russian version of Tatler magazine organizes a big ball, the main guests of which are representatives of the country's most famous names. Among the debutantes are both the daughters of major politicians and businessmen, and the heirs of creative dynasties. Contents of the article 1. Dana Manasir 2. Veronika Raskovalova 3. Maria Tabakova 4. Polina Tsyganova 5. Marianna Gazmanova 6. Emmanuel Turetskaya 7. Varvara Kuzicheva 8. Lydia Kutepova 9. Alexandra Druzhinina 10. Sofia Krapivina 11. Maria and Sofia Lancere 12. Xenia Sevenard Hide

Becoming a Tatler debutante is a great honor for every girl. This is, one might say, a ticket to the world of high life: with constant receptions, camera flashes and ubiquitous journalists.

The debutante ball - 2021 will be held for the tenth anniversary time. The event was supposed to happen last year, but the epidemiological situation prevented. However, in everything you need to look for pluses. The girls definitely had time to hone their dancing skills and choose a dream dress, which, by the way, are specially sewn for them in the world's fashion houses.

But enough details - we present to your attention the debutantes themselves!

Dana Manasir

Daughter of the owner of Stroygazconsulting Ziyad Manasir and his wife, socialite Victoria Manasir

“I understand that I may not work in the future. But I don't want to wake up at lunchtime and realize that there is absolutely nothing to do. I need a rich life, which I still have to come up with, "- confesses in an interview for Tatler Dana, who is just getting ready to go into adulthood and chooses who she will become.

From 10 to 15 years old, the girl studied in the UK and even earned a scholarship at a prestigious private school for her talent for painting. However, then Dana missed her family and homeland and returned to Moscow. Today Manasir is studying at the Cambridge International School in Skolkovo, is engaged in boxing and teaches several languages. And in his free time he likes to go to Moscow clubs and restaurants. But not until late so as not to worry the parents!


Yulia Snigir and other stars who worked as teachers

Yulia Snigir graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​(English Department, specialty "English Philology") of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. After graduation, Julia worked as an English teacher. “At the institute it was interesting for me, and when I went to work at school, I quickly realized that I was insincere with children. Still, you have to come to the lessons with an open heart, but I realized that, probably, I want something else,”recalls Snigir.

Dana Manasir Dana Manasir Dana Manasir

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Veronica Raskovalova

Daughter of Yana Jewelry House founder Yana Raskovalova and developer Vadim Raskovalov

Veronica's biggest dream is to enter the New York Film Academy and become an actress. In the meantime, the girl is studying at a prestigious London school, studying film classics and studying vocals at her leisure. And Raskovalova often poses for her famous mother's brand lookbooks and helps her develop youth collections.

Veronica Raskovalova Veronica and Yana Raskovalov Veronica and Yana Raskovalov

Maria Tabakova

Daughter of director Oleg Tabakov and actress Marina Zudina

The young heiress of a loud surname only recently began to appear with her mother and older brother Pavel. Tabakova is studying at an elite school in the North-West of Moscow and taking only the first steps in high life. It seems that Maria has already got a taste and is happy to pose for photographers. And more recently, the girl started an instagram.We have no doubt that soon she will have thousands of subscribers!

Zudina with children Maria Tabakova Maria Tabakova

Polina Tsyganova

Daughter of actors Evgeny Tsyganov and Irina Leonova

Polina is the first child of Evgeny Tsyganov. She communicates well with her father's second wife, actress Yulia Snigir. And this influence is felt - at least when looking at the girl's haircut, exactly like that of her stepmother.

Sometimes Polina goes out with her dad and his wife, but, according to Yulia Snigir, she does not really like to do this, as she is shy of numerous cameras. And in vain!

Tsyganova studies at a school in the capital with in-depth study of French and English. And she is also predicted to have a modeling and acting career. I wonder which path she will take?

Polina Tsyganova Polina Tsyganova Polina Tsyganova

Marianna Gazmanova

Daughter of singer Oleg Gazmanov and his wife Marina Gazmanova

So far, Marianna is studying at the same school as Masha Tabakova. But from an early age, the young heiress of a creative family actively tries herself in modeling. Once, Marianna took to the podium as part of the shows of children's brands, and today she pleases her followers with spectacular photo shoots. So she has every chance to become at least instadive!

Marianna Gazmanova Marianna Gazmanova Marianna Gazmanova

Emmanuel Turkish

Daughter of musician Mikhail Turetsky and his wife Liana Turetskaya

But the daughter of the creator of the "Turetsky Choir" Emmanuelle is indifferent to social networks and has not posted anything on Instagram for a long time. The girl has already decided that she wants to develop musically. She entered the Academic College of Music at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. And she even performed on the stage of the Kremlin Palace with her own works!

Emmanuel Turkish Emmanuel Turkish Emmanuel Turkish

Varvara Kuzicheva

Daughter of actors Victoria Tolstoganova and Andrey Kuzichev

Varya does not yet gravitate towards social life, she loves to walk with her friends along the streets of Moscow and take atmospheric photos. In her free time from school, the girl plays the piano and reads classical literature.

Varvara Kuzicheva Varvara Kuzicheva Varvara Kuzicheva

Lydia Kutepova

Daughter of actress Ksenia Kutepova and director Sergei Osipyan

Varya Kuzicheva and Lida Kutepova study at the same school and have been friends for a very long time. Oh, and the girls were lucky to share the joys and excitements of participating in the Tatler ball together!

Lydia Kutepova

Lida leads a closed lifestyle and does not let curious onlookers even into her personal instagram. She is also fond of drawing and loves to travel with her family. We are waiting for new details about this airy beauty!

Alexandra Druzhinina

Daughter of choreographer Yegor Druzhinin

No, Alexandra did not become a dancer like the famous father. But on the other hand, she continued his work along a different line and is now studying at the faculty of directing. And Druzhinina is simultaneously receiving a psychological education and gaining experience in filming, photographing her parent's students.

Alexandra Druzhinina Alexandra Druzhinina

Sofia Krapivina

Daughter of producer Natella Krapivina

Sofia has repeatedly appeared at social events in the company of a famous mother and is on friendly terms with the "superstar" Svetlana Loboda. And the girl defiles at fashion shows in Moscow, but only in her free time from school! Krapivina studies, by the way, at the London University of the Arts LCF. That is why he spends most of his life in Europe, and not in Russia.

Sofia Krapivina Sofia Krapivina Natella Krapivina with her daughter

Maria and Sophia Lansere

Daughters of a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, sculptor Eugene Lansere. Direct descendants of the Lansere - Benoit - Kavos dynasty

The Lanceray sisters are strikingly similar in appearance. But in life these are two completely different people! The eldest Maria, for example, studied economics at Moscow State University and continued her education at Skolkovo, while developing in her favorite hobby - playing the piano. But Sophia Lancere is a professional athlete. The girl plays tennis (that's why she has such a fit figure!) And studies at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism.





Xenia Sevenard

Daughter of businessman and politician Constantin Sevenard

The main pride of the Xenia family is the richest pedigree.The girl's great-great-grandmother is Matilda Kshesinskaya, the famous prima ballerina of the early 20th century, the favorite of Emperor Nicholas II.

The niece of the legendary Matilda Kshesinskaya became a ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater

It is not surprising that the fragile brunette connected her life with ballet: she is studying at the Vaganova St. Petersburg Ballet Academy. It seems that we already know who will dance the best at the upcoming ball!

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