Tricky tricks of the stars: makeup secrets of Reshetova, Hannah, Hadid and other beauties
Tricky tricks of the stars: makeup secrets of Reshetova, Hannah, Hadid and other beauties

Many people attribute to these models and artists plasticity and “beauty injections”. However, the girls admitted that they were able to make their face perfect thanks to effective techniques using cosmetics.

Tricky tricks of the stars: makeup secrets of Reshetova, Hannah, Hadid and other beauties


The wife of Black Star CEO Pavel Kuryanov (Pasha) is widely suspected of rhinoplasty. Compared to photographs from the past, the singer's nose began to look thinner. However, Hannah herself assured that this was not related to a trip to a plastic surgeon. According to the pop star, the reason is different - she just knows how to do competent contouring.

“I didn’t have surgery. I just have a life hack: how to make your nose perfect in five minutes. This is important for me,”explained the performer of the hit“French Kiss”.

Bella Hadid

The winner of the title of the most beautiful woman in the world boasts perfect complexion and prominent cheekbones. At the same time, the American supermodel dispenses with "beauty injections" and other radical measures. She achieved the ideal with makeup.

Bella uses a draping technique. The model applies blush along the line of the cheekbones and emphasizes the area just above the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the chin with a highlighter. Then she gently blends the borders. Powder with a light shine completes the makeup. This creates the effect of a fresh, voluminous face.

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Anastasia Reshetova and other stars who have pets

A young mother, model and TV presenter Anastasia Reshetova is very fond of animals and often publishes pictures with her cat Bagira. The representative of the Savvana F1 breed costs about 1,000,000 rubles and is a mixture of a domestic cat with an African Sevan. The unusual animal is very beautiful, however, the same can be said about its owner. The joint photographs show some similarity between them: large light eyes, grace and a slightly elongated face shape. All this suggests that Bagheera is a copy of his mistress. Many people associate Reshetova with a cat: graceful, but at the same time stately and very self-confident.

Anastasia Reshetova

Former lover Timati is often suspected of lip augmentation. However, the “First Vice-Miss Russia - 2014” itself stated that for several years she had not been fond of this. Reshetova makes lips plump with makeup. First, Anastasia applies a flesh-colored pencil along the contour of the lips. This, according to the model, gives clarity to the lines and visually makes the lips more sensual.

“If you want a“your own, only better”effect on your lips, try applying lipstick and blending it with your fingertips, as if driving in color. It always looks very attractive,”Anastasia advised.


Victoria Beckham

The founder of a fashion empire and owner of her own cosmetics brand knows everything about how to look perfect. The former lead singer of the Spice Girls looks much younger than her age. Victoria boasts perfectly smooth skin. And it is not fillers and threads that help her in this, but make-up. The star mom is wearing makeup so that make-up is not visible on her face.

Beckham loves light textures. She applies a shimmery powder all over her face and then covers it with bronzing powder, working from top to bottom. “The best contouring scheme. It was as if the sun had kissed it,”the designer admitted. Victoria finishes off by applying a highlighter over the cheekbones for a natural glow.

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Selena Gomez

The American singer and actress loves to do makeup with an accent on the eyes. The Disney star uses clever tricks to make her eyes look wide open without blepharoplasty. Selena reshaped her eyebrows. The artist prefers wide and straight long eyebrows, which visually make her face thinner.Gomez also applies a shine pencil to the inner corner of the eye and the lower mucous membrane. This visually enlarges the eyes.



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