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Beautiful hands and smooth heels: 14 home remedies for manicure and pedicure
Beautiful hands and smooth heels: 14 home remedies for manicure and pedicure

Are you worried that the salons are closed? But a long weekend is a great time for home beauty treatments. Stock up on care products and do it yourself.

Beautiful hands and smooth heels: 14 home remedies for manicure and pedicure

Tested: It not only awakens forgotten skills, but also perfectly relaxes! Contents of the article 1. For hands 1.1 Lotion for nails "Growth stimulator", "Clavio" 1.2 Enamel coating for nails Les Mains Hermes 1.3 Isolating restoring hand cream Bariederm, Uriage1.4 Persistent nail polish Le Vernis, Chanel1.5 Hand cream and nails Jeunesse des Mains, Clarins1.6 Overnight regenerating night hand mask, Mixit1.7 Express cuticle remover Nail Therapy Professional, Eveline1.8 Protection and care antibacterial hand cream, Nivea1.9 Essence2 manicure stencils. For feet 2.1 Foot pleasure salt bath, Epsom Pro2.2 Aqua-peeling cream for eliminating corns and cracks 2.3 Exfoliating foot mask with papaya and citrus extract Festival, Ninelle 2.4 Cream for beauty feet Caudalie 2.5 Body cream Skin Food, Weleda Hide

We will not exaggerate if we say that today about every third woman in Russia does manicure and pedicure in beauty salons. A nail studio can now be found in almost every home, and the prices for services seem to be quite affordable. In addition, it is so convenient: spend two hours once a month and then not think for a long time about how your legs and arms look.

However, back in the spring of 2020, life taught us to prepare for an ambiguous development of events. Then, due to the lockdown, all beauty salons were closed. And we all had to learn to independently remove gel polish from nails and remember the basics of manicure …

Don't cut any more! Why we all need to go back to "soaking" the gel polish

The nail industry is back on vacation this fall. Isn't there a reason to try again to take care of your hands and feet on your own? Moreover, all of us also have a long weekend ahead. There will be plenty of time for home beauty treatments!

We have specially studied the range of home manicure and pedicure products and have selected 14 interesting bestsellers and novelties that will help make your beauty routine easier and more enjoyable. And, of course, save on further trips to the salons;)

For hands

Lotion for nails "Growth stimulator", "Clavio"


If your nails are fed up with gel polish and extensions, now is the time to give them a rest and improve their health. With the restoration of nails, the intake of B vitamins will help, as well as the Clavio nail strengthening lotion - a well-known pharmacy remedy that is often recommended by dermatologists.

The formula of the product is based on water-soluble chitosan, a biological polymer that "glues" cells and creates a protective film on the nail plate. The lotion also saturates nails with vitamins and minerals, making them thicker and stronger. And, of course, longer!

Les Mains Hermes enamel nail polish


Luxury lovers, this is for you! In the new season, the Hermes fashion house has presented its first collection for hands, which includes 24 colored varnishes and comprehensive care products - up to a file with an author's design. Now home manicure can really be luxurious!

The first step in Hermes nail care is a translucent enamel coating based on plant ingredients. It strengthens the nails and also increases the durability of the varnish. And makes the color richer and more saturated.

Isolating regenerating hand cream Bariederm, Uriage


Home mode is not only more time for yourself, but also a noticeable increase in household worries. So, hello, constant hand contact with water, food and cleaning agents!

If you are familiar with hand skin problems due to cleaning and cooking, we can safely recommend this cream from Uriage. The product contains polymeric substances that form an insulating water-repellent layer on the skin surface.It protects hands from the effects of cold, wind, water and chemicals, and heals micro wounds and cracks. The cream is non-sticky and feels comfortable on the skin.

Resistant nail polish Le Vernis, Chanel


Each new season, Chanel pleases its fans with beautiful beauty novelties. This time, the fashion house has developed eye makeup palettes in taupe and four new shades of nail polish to match the cosmetics.

It is worth noting that Le Vernis is a truly iconic Chanel product. This varnish lasts longer than others and has a protective effect. It is also applied in an ultra-thin layer and is not felt on the nails. But at the same time it glitters insanely attractively!

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Cream for hands and nails Jeunesse des Mains, Clarins


The legendary Clarins hand cream works like invisible gloves: it protects hands from cold and damage, but at the same time improves them - from the wrists to the tips of the nails.

The main ingredients of this natural cream are mulberry extract and precious shea butter. The product deeply nourishes the skin and cuticles, restores and strengthens the nails.

Night regenerating hand mask Overnight, Mixit


Want to pay even more attention to your hands? Then pay attention to the night media formats. For example, this Mixit mask is infused with a blend of oils, retinol and hyaluronic acid to improve hand skin and heal injuries. And also in the composition of the product there is urea - a well-known component for enhanced nutrition and moisturizing of the skin.

Express cuticle remover Nail Therapy Professional, Eveline


While the harsh salon methods for removing cuticles with an apparatus are not available to us, we suggest paying attention to milder means with a similar effect. For example, this cream with natural oils also quite effectively "cleans" the cuticle area. And most importantly, it protects the periungual zone from drying out.

Antibacterial hand cream "Protection and care", Nivea


Due to the pandemic, sanitizers have entered our lives … and the inevitable dryness of the hands due to alcohol. Fortunately, there are products that combine moisturizing and anti-microbial benefits. And are ideal for irritated skin.

Nivea Protection and Care Hand Cream does not contain alcohol. The antibacterial component in its composition does not injure the skin. In addition, the product is saturated with jojoba oil and makes your hands even softer and more tender.

Essence Manicure Stencils


We do not get tired of talking about the fact that French manicure is again at the height of fashion. We've recently covered how to replicate this timeless design at home. Want an even easier option? Then arm yourself with these stickers! The Essence set includes stencils of different shapes - you can experiment every day. Convenient and affordable!

For legs

Salt bath for feet Foot Pleasure, Epsom Pro


The salt bath is the perfect solution after a long day on your feet. Or to get more pleasure from the pedicure! This composition from Epsom Pro is based not only on a healing mixture of sea and magnesium salts, but also awakening essential ingredients, as well as macadamia oil to intensively nourish the skin of the feet from the very first stage of treatment.

Cream for the elimination of calluses and cracks "Aquapilling"


This cream is effective due to the high content of urea and a whole complex of natural extracts - chamomile, mint, eucalyptus. The manufacturer promises that in just 7 days of use, you can get rid of rough skin, calluses and cracks. The very thing for the November holidays!

Exfoliating foot mask with papaya and citrus extract Festival, Ninelle


The sock mask is a favorite method of many women to restore softness to the heels. Unlike more vigorous products, this mask from Ninelle is saturated not only with a complex of acids, but also with papaya, apple and chamomile extracts, which soften the skin and provide a soothing effect.

Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream


Grapeseed and shea butter, mint and citrus … This luxurious foot balm instantly softens the skin and deeply nourishes it. The product does not leave a greasy film and is absorbed very quickly. Can be applied right before leaving home!

Body cream Skin Food, Weleda


Weleda Nourishing Cream is a legendary remedy for fast skin regeneration. And it works especially well on hardened areas, that is, elbows, knees and heels. Thanks to the whipped texture, the cream saturated with oils is quickly absorbed and begins to work intensively: it retains moisture and regenerates the skin. We advise you to apply this cream to your feet before bed. The morning wow effect will really surprise you!

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