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Photo in a million: 7 stars suing photographers over copyright
Photo in a million: 7 stars suing photographers over copyright

Celebrities who post their photos on social networks sometimes have to delete pictures or sue photographers. Let us recall the most notorious cases of copyright infringement.

Bella Hadid


In September 2019, the supermodel showed a portrait photo wearing a black and white checkered Tommy Hilfiger cap, created in collaboration with Zendaya. She had no idea that showing off a cap would infuriate photographer Timur Mishiev so much that he would go to Manhattan federal court and sue her for copyright infringement! The trial is not over yet.

Kim Kardashian

Image Image

Kim Kardashian and other stars who took revenge on their ex

Rumors about the possible separation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went around for a long time and finally proved to be true: the reality star filed for divorce. She did not sit at home for a long time, avoiding the annoying paparazzi, and a week after the announcement of the breakup, she appeared in a sexy, body-tight dress. The instablogger chose an outfit in a bright pistachio color, in which experts immediately saw a symbol of a new stage.

In 2018, Kim showed a rare snapshot with Kanye West, where the rapper smiles, and she looks at him in love. 2.2 million likes - and the insult of the photographer Said Bolden, who did not give permission to publish. Now he demands to transfer to him all the profits from this picture and to compensate for moral damage.


Kim was so surprised that she immediately hired her own photographer and allowed fans to re-post any pictures, except those marked with the logo of the photo agency.

Liam Hemsworth


In July 2018, the actor and ex-husband of Miley Cyrus posted a photo of himself from the filming of the movie "Isn't It Romantic?" and put a link to the promo site of the feed. Splash and Photos Agency took offense at copyright infringement and sued him for $ 150,000.

Emily Ratajkowski


The model was summoned to court by photographer Robert O'Neill for an unasked photo on Instagram stories. Robert demanded 150 thousand dollars from her and the profit from the posting of the photo. He made similar demands to Gigi Hadid.

Justin Bieber


The singer shared on Instagram a picture taken by photographer Richard Barbera. He filed a lawsuit, but Bieber said that they had already settled everything. Barbera also took offense at Ariana Grande.

Jennifer Lopez


As soon as the singer posted a photo of her walking down the street with Alex Rodriguez, the above-mentioned Splash and Photos Agency estimated her act … again at 150 thousand dollars.

Jessica Simpson


The model showed a photo in which she leaves the Bowery Hotel in New York. As a result, she, too, was accused by the Splash agency, but she managed to resolve everything peacefully.

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