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Angie, is that you? Jolie and 10 more divas who were "faded" beyond recognition
Angie, is that you? Jolie and 10 more divas who were "faded" beyond recognition

Have you ever seen iconic Hollywood divas try on Instagram makeup? With hard contouring, half-face lips, feline eyes with unrealistically long eyelashes and perfectly smooth skin? We don't either. But "faded" pictures are walking around the web with might and main. Let's see?

Julia Roberts

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If you cross Angelina Jolie with Kim Kardashian and Anne Hathaway and add a couple of filters … Well, you get the idea: Julia Roberts with almond-shaped eyes, bleached teeth and huge lips is not the "Pretty Woman" she was.

Monica Bellucci

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"Cat" eyes, a pointed chin and excessively plump lips turn the sultry Italian into an Instagram model, completely erasing all the signs of uniqueness. She is beautiful? Highly! But is that Monica? Not sure…

Angelina Jolie


Angie does not have Instagram, and if she even guesses about Instagram makeup trends, she does not use them. Why would she need it with her beauty? However, there were enthusiasts who decided to improve the already beautiful pictures, and this is what happened.


Angelina Jolie and other stars who had a passionate affair

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a passionate romance on the set of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Pitt found himself in a delicate situation - his wife Jennifer Aniston was waiting for him at home. Cheating on set led to the collapse of their five-year marriage.

Jennifer Aniston


Who is this? We do not recognize Jennifer Aniston: it seems that two ex-spouses of Brad Pitt, after a series of manipulations in Photoshop, turned into one, “ideal” - and non-existent - woman.

Lindsey Lohan

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Probably, this would look like Lindsay Lohan if she did not abuse alcohol, and instead of parties she spent time in the office of the beautician. Or is she better in her natural form?

Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz or Irina Shayk? Again before us is a "hybrid" of two beautiful women. And it's all about visually enlarged lips, expressive eyebrows and "cat" eye makeup.


Image Image

Did you recognize Shakira? And we are not, because we immediately presented Selena Gomez and Beyoncé in one bottle. This is what filters do to a person!

Bella Hadid

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Well, it’s too early to call Bella a cult diva, with all our love, but this star also fell under the “brush” of the retoucher. Although the girl looks, with all the abundant improvement, is unique - in these works of "Photoshop" we see a typical Instagram model. Not more.

Dakota Johnson


This is what the 50 Shades of Gray stars would look like if I was fond of lip augmentation injections and veneers. Nice, but not very natural, right?

Selena Gomez

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We thought for a minute before identifying this beauty as Selena Gomez. Where are those cute cheeks? Why are lips so big? And what about the whites of the eyes? We admire the shot, but we never cease to be surprised.

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