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Nail design: interesting ideas for bold girls
Nail design: interesting ideas for bold girls

There are many interesting trends in nail design. We have compiled a list of original ideas for your manicure - choose your taste!

Nail design: interesting ideas for bold girls

Nail design

  • Special manicure for the holiday. New Year's, Valentine's Day, March 8th … Selecting a special design for a certain holiday or just a new season is a very common tendency. And we like it! After all, this allows you to create a festive mood not only for yourself, but also for those around you, and also always look relevant and in the subject.
  • "Naked" manicure. An interesting trend that has conquered Instagram. In this method of nail art, only part of the nail is covered with colored varnish, everything else is transparent. You can draw geometric shapes, make an unusual colored jacket or "moon" manicure in this style. It looks very interesting and unusual! The pattern can be applied with a thin brush or using special stickers, like stickers for a jacket.
  • Short oval nails with nude coating. A very simple and elegant solution preferred by many celeb. Looks appropriate in any situation: both at a party and at an interview!
  • French metallic. For many years, French manicure has kept fashionable positions! Every year it becomes more and more interesting thanks to unexpected modifications. For example, a silvery french metallic. With him you will become a girl from the future!
  • Black jacket. Another interesting trend. The combination of matte and glossy black varnishes looks especially relevant.
  • Glitters. The fashion for everything shiny has not spared the design of nails. Sequins can cover all nails, only a part (for example, as in a jacket), or complement a regular manicure (in this case, cover the ring finger with glitter).
  • Glass nails. This incredible manicure appeared in South Korea back in 2015, but is still relevant to this day. You will find a lot of photos using the hashtag #glassnails on Instagram. It is done using ordinary varnish (or gel varnish) and special plates that look like pieces of glass. It looks especially luxurious in the sun!
  • Geometry. Classic nail art using geometric shapes is well suited for office everyday life - not too boring and at the same time rather strict.

Nail design: photo

See photos of nail art and choose your own version! You can try to make such a design yourself or just show it to the master in the salon.

Nail design photo Nail design 2016 photo
nail design 2016

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