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20 mistakes when dyeing your hair yourself, which you can not do
20 mistakes when dyeing your hair yourself, which you can not do

To be honest: we all periodically paint ourselves at home. And at the same time, we make mistakes when dyeing our hair. And then we get angry that the color is not the same, the hair is spoiled and everything was washed off in a week.

20 mistakes when dyeing your hair yourself, which you can not do

You can, of course, use our tips to learn how to remove dye from your hair. But many unpleasant post-effects of home coloring can be avoided already at the planning stage! We will tell you what to look for so that it does not work out like last time.

Mistake # 1: You choose a color from the picture on the package

Sorry, but dye manufacturers don't know what kind of hair you have: thin, porous or hard and “glassy”. And choosing a dye without looking, you already make mistakes when dyeing your hair. The result of dyeing depends not only on your natural color, but also on the condition of your hair, previous dyes and other factors.

Use the shade plate, which is usually located on the back of the box, to get an idea of ​​what this color will look like on your hair. But don't rely entirely on it to avoid mistakes when dyeing your hair!

Hair coloring mistakes

Do you dye your hair yourself at home? Try not to make mistakes and the result will not disappoint you.

Mistake # 2: You don’t do a test stain

Yes, it's a pity to spend money on a whole package, use only a few drops of paint, and throw out the rest. But the hair is also a pity! Dyeing your hair at home is not a simple and rather time-consuming procedure, the wrong approach to dyeing can only ruin your hair.

If you paint everything at once and get a radical black color with a green tint instead of the promised golden nut - fix / will obviously cost more. Choose a small curl on the side of the neck and check on it what you get as a result.

Mistake # 3: You Don't Test For Allergies

Without exception, manufacturers ask you to first test the reaction to paint on a small area of ​​the skin. Hair coloring can cause allergic reactions, it is a known fact. But of course you rely on luck. In vain! Dye allergies can manifest in the form of irritation, itching, inflammation and even hair loss! So along with testing on a small strand, check the skin's reaction to the dye. The site should be chosen on the back of the neck or behind the ear: the skin is sensitive there, and the place is invisible.

Mistake # 4: You Don't Protect Your Skin

Do you paint, and then wipe paint stains from your neck and ears for three days? With self-dyeing hair, this is quite likely. Before staining, apply a greasy cream or petroleum jelly to exposed skin that may be damaged. And no stains!

Mistake # 5: you use hair balm before dyeing

It is better not to wash your hair the day before dyeing. Hair coloring, both at home and in the salon, should not be carried out on cleanly washed hair. But if you really cannot live a day without washing your hair, do not use a balm: it closes small pores on the surface of the hair, and the dye will unevenly paint over the strands.

Home hair coloring

The gold standard for coloring - the hair must be dry, without traces of balm and styling products

Mistake # 6: You Don't Wash Styling

Yes, you shouldn't wash your hair just before dyeing, but don't take it too literally: if the day before you did a complex styling using foam, mousse, varnish and gel, be sure to wash them off! Otherwise, coloring is simply meaningless. Some people take the advice not to wash your hair before the dyeing procedure too literally, and in this case the situation is one of the mistakes when dyeing hair.

Mistake # 7: you use hair dye for your eyebrows and eyelashes

Never dye your eyebrows and eyelashes with hair dye - eyelashes may crumble! This is another mistake when dyeing your hair. But this is not the worst thing: paint can get into the eyes, which threatens with serious medical consequences for vision. There are special professional paints for eyebrows and eyelashes, and coloring is recommended in the salon.

Mistake # 8: You keep the paint longer than you should, so that the color is more intense

In no case should you overexpose the dye on your hair - this can severely ruin your hair. Dyeing your hair on your own requires strict adherence to the instructions that are on the package with the dye. The dye, remaining longer than it should be on the hair, damages the structure of the hair shaft to a greater or lesser extent, and the duration of the dye's action is still limited: after 30 minutes (in some cases - 40, read the instructions) it simply stops working. You will burn your hair, and the color will not be better.

Mistake # 9: You wash your dyed hair with anti-dandruff shampoos

Special anti-dandruff shampoos have the strongest cleansing properties. And they'll just wash away the artificial pigments! Don't make that mistake when dyeing your hair. If you have a dandruff problem, use a color-treated hair product.

Mistake # 10: You dye your hair more than two shades darker or lighter than the natural shade

Hair color should be in harmony with your natural color type. The use of pronounced contrast is considered one of the mistakes when dyeing hair. If you want radical changes, consult a colorist: he will select the optimal range (warm or cold), make the right mix of shades so that the hair tone is in harmony with the color of the skin and eyes, and will carry out the procedure safely and professionally. Lightening hair with paint at home is not an option in this case.

Mistake # 11: you lighten your hair with a powerful oxidizer

Often, when lightening hair at home, girls buy a professional 9-12% oxidizer and sit with the applied solution for up to an hour! This is one of the main mistakes when dyeing your hair at home. This is very harmful. A skin burn can cause a severe allergic reaction - so that even more gentle dyes will cause allergies in the future.

And the hair turns into tow. Moreover, the color is necessarily yellow. And then … they put ash paint on top !!! And it necessarily contains a blue pigment, which, in combination with yellow, gives out a clear greenish tint. Mistakes when dyeing hair can be different, but this one can have an extremely negative effect on the appearance. We hope this is not about you.

Mistake # 12: You Don't Paint Your Roots

Keep in mind: the ends of the hair are more porous and the roots are denser, so if you immediately apply the dye to the full length, you will get the effect of regrown hair, when the shade seems to be the same, but the roots look lighter. Don't make that mistake when dyeing your hair.

Mistake # 13: Hair ends are too dark

The opposite effect of the previous point: when the color of the hair is applied all over the head at the same time, not only the roots are too bright, but the ends are usually darker than you intended. Hair coloring in this case requires a lot of attention.

Moreover, this is a cumulative phenomenon: with each subsequent staining, the ends will be darker and darker. Always apply the color first to the roots over the entire surface of the head, and only then spread to the ends to avoid mistakes when dyeing your hair at home.

Mistake # 14: You dye your strands unevenly

Well, you don't have eyes on the back of your head, no! If you don't have a boy-style haircut, ask a friend to help you.

Mistake # 15: you paint wet hair

And part of the pigments immediately flows onto your shoulders. One of the major mistakes when dyeing your hair at home.Persistent paints are applied only to dry strands, and, recall, unwashed for about a day.

Home hair coloring

Every girl who decided to paint at home regretted that she had no eyes on the back of her head. That would be so convenient! But until evolution has come to this, use the help of a friend in painting over the back of the head

Mistake # 16: you wash your hair the day after staining

After dyeing your hair, you should refrain from washing your hair for at least 24 hours so that the dye is better fixed. Wash your hair immediately is one of the mistakes when dyeing your hair, many girls make it. And also do not use hair styling products so that the aggressive components in their composition do not interfere with the absorption of paint pigments. Since the paint itself contains degreasing components, after dyeing your hair is clean and there is no problem to wait 24 hours.

Mistake # 17: You Leave the Ready Mix "Infused"

After mixing the paint with the developer cream, you should immediately start painting. Preparing the dye and leaving it is a mistake when dyeing your hair at home. The fact is that chemical processes begin immediately after mixing the components, and if the prepared mixture is allowed to brew, the color may turn out to be dull.

Mistake # 18: You dilute the paint with shampoo or balm

What other mistakes happen when dyeing your hair? It seems to you that the paint is not enough - do not dilute it with ordinary shampoo or balm! You will lose in quality. Try to use the mass sparingly, since you are sure that it will not be enough, and in the future, buy 2 packs instead of one. Life hack: with an average hair density, you won't get by with one bottle if your hair is longer than your shoulders.

Mistake # 19: You are using a metal comb

One of the mistakes when dyeing your hair at home is using various metal objects. For example, combs. The metal oxidizes and reacts with the paint, affecting the paint result in unpredictable ways. Use neutral plastic, wood or ceramic combs.

Mistake # 20: Just for fun, you paint in blue (green, red, purple)

Radical hair coloring can lead to serious skin problems if you use cheap, unsafe dye. The desire to drastically change the color is one of the mistakes when performing hair dyeing, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Raspberry, purple, green, bright red and blue shades are especially dangerous: these paints very often contain the substance para-phenylenediamine, which causes skin inflammation.

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