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Is this exactly one person? What does star makeup look like on Instagram and real life?
Is this exactly one person? What does star makeup look like on Instagram and real life?

Not only our stars diligently edit their photos on Instagram, but foreign ones do not deny themselves this. Some celebrities have even learned to edit their makeup in photos to make it look better. I wonder who these stars are and how they look in the same way in social networks and in life - see below.

Hailey bieber

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Hailey Bieber's makeup in real life is very different from the same version from Instagram. On the social network, the girl's face does not have any flaws, and her eye makeup is bright and radiant. In life, the image turned out to be dull, and the skin is not so perfect - after all, everyone has pores. We would even say that such makeup makes a girl look older.

Selena Gomez

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In truth, this image of Selena Gomez on Instagram, and even more so in life, does not look very beautiful, but rather strange. The girl's makeup artist used a dark foundation and obviously overdid it with bronzer.

Kim Kardashian

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This is probably that rare case when makeup looks the same on Instagram and in real life. Well done, Kim!


Hayley Bieber and other stars who choose budget brands

American model and wife of popular singer Justin Bieber Haley poses in a Zara jumpsuit with Justin. Haley Bieber, by the way, often combines women's and men's clothes in her wardrobe, which she now and then takes from her husband Justin Bieber. And uniting luxury and mass-market brands is a classic for her. Usually, the combinations turn out to be a win-win - Haley, thanks to her excellent sense of style, is called one of the main influencers of our time.

Kylie Jenner

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We've noticed for a long time that Kylie loves to tidy up her cheeks and make her makeup more intense in her Instagram photos using Facetune. And we cannot understand - why? She has a great oval face and cute cheeks that you can and should be proud of.


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Who would have thought that Beyoncé retouches her makeup so much on Instagram. In the photo, he looks just great, even the singer's lips look plump. In real life, everything is quite the opposite: the entire contour of the star turned out to be unshaded, the lips were not so voluminous, and the eye makeup was not so graphic.

Norvina Suarez

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The famous instadia and part-time owner of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand Norvina uploads photos that are far from reality on Instagram. In life, the star's nose is not so thin and graceful, and the lips and eyes are not so big. But, in addition to this, the girl also edits her makeup in photo editors, making it more saturated and graphic.

Marina Rui Barbosa

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Brazilian actress Marina Rui Barbosa also does not deny herself retouching. In the photo from the social network, the tone of the face looks even and matte, and the lips look plump. It turned out that in real life this make-up does not look so impressive. The star's face turned out to be not so matte, and the lips have noticeably decreased in volume.

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