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Lip Augmentation: Personal Experience of the Cosmo Editor
Lip Augmentation: Personal Experience of the Cosmo Editor

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular but controversial procedures. Thousands of girls around the world inject in the pursuit of "cute swellings", but, unfortunately, sometimes overdo it. Cosmo editor Nastya Yudaeva shared her personal experience of lip augmentation, and cosmetologist and surgeon Levon Chakhoyan answered the most popular questions about the procedure.

Lip Augmentation: Personal Experience of the Cosmo Editor Chakhoyan Levon R

Chakhoyan Levon R. Doctor-cosmetologist, surgeon

What you need to know before getting lip augmentation

The beauty of this procedure is that there is no need to pre-prepare the patient. It is imperative to ask the doctor on the basis of which filler the procedure will be carried out. There are biodegradable drugs, and there are biodegradable ones. That is, those that dissolve and those that do not dissolve. Unfortunately, at the moment there are a lot of low-quality drugs on the market, as well as those drugs that do not dissolve. These are the so-called biopolymer gels, which are injected once and for all. And unfortunately, they can only be eliminated through surgery.

The duration of the drug

The duration of action of all drugs is approximately the same - from 10 to 12 months. There are patients who come back after two or three months and say that the effect is gone - “the lips are deflated”. The fact is that we tend to get used to what we see in the mirror every day. The doctor's job is to calm and dissuade the patient. Unfortunately, frequent administration of the drug leads to the fact that the shape of the lips is lost and we come to unwanted volumes. The professionalism of the doctor is to convince the patient not to make "unnecessary" injections.

If a person has psychological problems and complexes, you can make lips on half of the face. Two factors are at work here: patients who continually ask for lip enlargement, and unscrupulous doctors who do not discourage patients. Doctors must be able to refuse.

What lips will become after the procedure

There are certain drug densities that look good on the lips. A good preparation of slightly more than average density should not be felt on the lips at all. There should be no seals, lumps, hardening. Three to four days, a maximum of a week after the procedure, the lips should feel "like your own." The sensitivity of the lips does not change in any way, nor does the color change. The only thing that may appear are small white bumps on the lips - these are glands. Also, the contour of the lips may become less defined.

Is the drug counterfeited

It is difficult to counterfeit the drug, but some of them are illegally imported into the territory of the Russian Federation. Any patient has the right to ask the doctor for a certificate for the products used. The clinic has a certificate for each batch, and each drug has its own number, and there are stickers inside the package. They are usually given to the patient. They can be easily compared with the batch serial number. This is important to know and check, especially if you are visiting the clinic for the first time.


I want it like Jolie

From very thin lips, you can not make the effect "like Angelina Jolie." You can enlarge your lips two to three times, but this is not a one-time procedure.

About drug resorption

Although the preparations based on hyaluronic acid dissolve, the effect does not completely disappear without a trace. If you take a photo “before” (before the procedure) and “after” (for example, after a year), you will see that the same lips did not come back to their original shapes.

If the clinic works on good preparations based on hyaluronic acid, any undesirable effect can be removed by introducing the enzyme hyaluronidase, after 14-24 hours the preparation will be completely split.

Naturalness in fashion

In the clinic, we often remove the biopolymer gel (the one that does not dissolve).Now the main trend is naturalness. Thank God we have come to a natural look.

Personal experience

“I was very worried about the injection and was skeptical about lip augmentation: you can find many" scary "stories and bad examples on the web. This stopped me, but at the same time, intuitively, I understood that this was unlikely to happen to me - I chose a doctor, Levon Robertovich, whom my acquaintances also spoke well of on the Internet.


At the clinic, I filled out a questionnaire and answered, perhaps, a hundred questions about health, diseases and previous injections (I did not have them). Then I was taken to the office, where the doctor looked at "what he would work with" and determined the type of drug to be injected into the lips. They picked up Surgiderm 24 XP, 0.8 milliliters in volume. According to the doctor, the lower volume would be completely invisible on my lips.


After that, napkins were offered to me. It turns out that during injections into the lips, tear fluid is involuntarily secreted in patients, but all this is individual. Also, many have a low pain threshold and require anesthesia. I didn't need tissues or pain relievers. I calmly and “without tears” endured the injections. First, they are done along the contour - these are, perhaps, the most painful points, and then in the center of the lips, where the injection is practically not felt. The procedure takes about ten minutes.

Immediately after the injection, the lips and the area around them turn red. The doctor applies a special anti-edema gel. After the injection for ten days, you can not visit the sauna, bathhouse, pool, you should refrain from intense physical activity. Bruises and slight swelling are possible, which should go away in a few days. Also, after "healing", the volume of the lips decreases by an average of 15-20 percent.


For the first few hours, it is felt that the lips have become dense, it was difficult to "roll them into a tube". But the very next day everything returned to normal. I also had practically no bruises - only one appeared in the left corner, but after four days it completely disappeared. Sensitivity has not changed. Feel like your lips.

I like the effect after the procedure. My lips have not become either "dumplings" or "dumplings", they look natural. The difference is small, but, in my opinion, this is the "trick". The upper lip has risen, and the distance between the nose and the mouth has decreased slightly.


I think I will maintain the effect of the natural, plump lips. Four days later, I already got used to the current volume - as if it had always been so. Probably, it is because of this that girls stop feeling the edge and mindlessly inject in a short period of time."

Photos before the procedure Right after. A special anti-edema gel is applied to the lips The first day after the procedure. There is a small bruise in the left corner Second day Third day Fourth day The fifth day

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