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A riot of colors: the freakiest makeup stars of the 90s era
A riot of colors: the freakiest makeup stars of the 90s era

Makeup in barbie colors, extremely dark lipsticks and bright shadows … Yes, it looks pretentious and flashy, but still very lively. In the era of perfect selfies and equally well-groomed faces, the eyes of these stars truly relax. We are nostalgic and inspired!

Natasha Koroleva


In this look, everything is perfect: pink lipstick, and the hairstyle with which the iron worked, and the duet of a fluffy cape and a fluffy dog, complemented by a belt with rhinestones. Not without self-tanning … In general, the singer was ahead of Paris Hilton and combined in one look'e almost all the components of the image of the era of the brilliant "zero".

Lika Star


Thought the barbie lipstick in our selection was an accident? Take a look at Leakey Star's look and make sure that cheeky pink was in vogue. The singer decided not to limit herself to lip makeup and also emphasized her eyes with shadows of an adjacent, lilac shade. Thanks to the even tone, even in spite of the “pluck out your eyes” palette, the image looks interesting.

Tatiana Bulanova

Image Image

Christina Orbakaite and other stars who could not share the children during a divorce

Singer Kristina Orbakaite gave birth to her second son Denis from a Chechen businessman Ruslan Baysarov. During the divorce, the former lovers could not determine the boy's place of residence for a long time. The scandal erupted when Baisarov took his son to Chechnya for the summer holidays and did not return him to Christina in September. After this incident, there was a court, which ordered the boy to decide for himself which parent he should live with.

The emphasis on lip makeup is a success! Take note of the combination of rich lilac with smoky gray and do not use anything superfluous: highlighter and bronzer will be out of place. But a manicure to match lipstick, like a singer, has a right to exist.

Irina Saltykova


Another option for pink lipstick. As a reference blonde of her time, Irina Saltykova, of course, did not miss the opportunity to try on a brilliant image, complementing it with a complex futuristic styling. One wrong step in the form of applying blue shadows instead of gray - and the exit would be a failure, but the singer still coped with the task.

Angelica Varum


The singer is simply unrecognizable here! All thanks to frivolous curls and light pink pearlescent lipstick. And also - delicate pinkish shadows, in harmony with lipstick and blush. It seems that the combination of shiny clothes and pink makeup was an unspoken rule and was sacredly revered by every second celebrity.



And now we turn to the dark side: look what daring images Valeria tried on! And I felt very confident, despite the fact that such makeup easily adds a tired look to its owner and several years on top. Today, the singer's appearance can only be admired - the singer leads a healthy life and chooses a natural make-up - but still we sometimes feel nostalgic for the singer's extreme exits.

Lada Dance


Bella Hadid, you say? Performing Lada Dance today, she would compete with the daring looks of top models. The pale tone, contrasting dark lipstick and moderately intense eye makeup have created a fatal image for the singer. Makeup can be safely repeated today - provided that not a single highlighter and shine is involved in the process.

Laima Vaikule


Everything would be fine if it were not for the suspiciously highlighted area around the eyes. Whether this is the effect of a trail of dark glasses, ineptly applied shadows or an unsuccessful angle remains a mystery. It's good that the attention is distracted by a rich dark brown lipstick, which, together with hot pink, was once at the peak of popularity.



If in the "nineties" the beauty police acted, she would probably have arrested the blonde-in-law. Even for that time, there was a clear overkill in makeup - both with rich blue shadows and with a raspberry shade of lipstick.However, it also has its advantages: for example, the killer combination of "lips + eyes" well distracts from the eyebrow strings.

Natalia Vetlitskaya


While Natasha Koroleva was taking pictures with a real dog, Natalya Vetlitskaya posed with a plush hare. Well, she chose the appropriate image - with the tails of a schoolgirl, in which she gathered her disheveled hair. True, there is a question about makeup: dark lipstick clearly stands out from the associative array (like the cross inlaid with stones). If the brain refuses to understand this, just accept it.

Christina Orbakaite


No, this is not Nastya Ivleeva, but unexpectedly sweet and touching (despite the attributes of a vamp woman) Christina Orbakaite. It's a strange thing, but neither red lipstick, nor pronounced arrows, nor laconic styling made this image fatal. Despite all the contradictions, the image can definitely be "like". But it is not recommended to repeat.

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