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The one everyone is talking about: who is Morgenstern and why does he infuriate many
The one everyone is talking about: who is Morgenstern and why does he infuriate many

Recently, a huge number of rap artists have appeared. Someone opens a new genre, someone surprises with a unique flow, and someone - Morgenstern. Today Alisher Tagirovich Valeev (it is he who is hiding behind an unusual pseudonym) celebrates his 22nd birthday. Who is this impudent guy who has rapidly burst into show business, why the stars and ordinary listeners hate him, read in our article.

Who is this Morgenstern of yours?


Alisher Tagirovich Valeev (later he changed his last name to Morgenstern) was born in Ufa in 1998. The guy started making music at the age of 12: together with a friend, he recorded the first tracks.

Later, the aspiring rapper was expelled from school and university, after which the artist got a tattoo "666" on his forehead so that he would never be hired in the office.

In his student years, Morgenstern began to develop his YouTube channel, thanks to which he became known to the general public.

The new face of Russian rap?


The popularity of Alisher was brought by the #EasyRep project, which appeared in September 2017. As part of the show, he made parodies of famous Russian rappers, and also tried to prove that popular tracks and clips of modern artists can be easily recorded in five minutes.


Morgenstern and other stars who are not shy about their feelings in public

Morgenstern and Dilara Zinatullina know how to create beautiful content. They regularly publish joint videos on Instagram and Tik-Tok. The offensive of 2021, the couple celebrated in Dubai together with Eldar Dzharakhov, Dania Milokhin and other Russian stars. It seems that after a temporary separation, the feelings of Dilara and Alisher flashed with renewed vigor. The girl accompanies the rapper at concerts and on trips, and also spends a lot of time at his KAIF restaurant.

“I just want to show you all that you don't need talent here and now. I just want to prove to you that your idols are not worth a drop,”says Morgenstern. In just a few months, he has become one of the top Russian YouTube bloggers. He worked on the video together with Face, criticized Yuri Khovansky and even wrote a rap about Navalny - and all this caused a wide public outcry.



Morgenstern annoys many people with his position, creativity and beliefs. The first and most important complaint against Alisher is that he discredits rap as a genre, but he himself makes money on it. In addition, he says that making tracks that will be listened to by millions is not that hard work. This, of course, offends those who are completely devoted to music and work on albums for several months, or even years.

Secondly, Morgenstern is simply shocking: he makes a tattoo on his forehead in the form of hellish sixes, performs in Odessa on the day of mourning after a college fire, and calls the general grief a show. By the way, some of his videos were even banned from YouTube.

It is worth noting his consumer attitude towards women. Filming in the video with Yegor Creed, the artist read "If I want - I will hit, rummage?" and hit the girl in the face. The video came out at a time when rallies were taking place in the country in support of the domestic violence law.

Creativity and money

Morgenstern stays away from labels and works for himself. His most popular video "New Merin" brought the performer 3 million rubles in six months, integration into his video costs about 5 million rubles. The Legendary Dust album brought the artist 12.5 million rubles in the first three months of 2020. Morgenstern's most popular video was filmed for another song with a car brand in the name - Cadillac - at the time of writing, it has gained more than 120 million views.

Scandals, intrigues

Morgenstern is constantly accused of plagiarism, moreover, he himself admitted in an interview with Yuri Dudyu that the music for the composition Turn it on! he took from the song of the American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and the Puerto Rican Anuel Aa BEBE. That is, he does not come up with anything new in music, but also openly brazenly steals someone else's.

In early June, the Zyuzinsky District Court of Moscow found Alisher guilty of drug propaganda in videos for the tracks "Rosovoe-2" and Family. The artist, of course, arranged a show from the process: he arrived at the courthouse in an expensive McLaren 600LT sports car, tried to enter the building with a dagger in a cane, recorded and posted dozens of videos from the courtroom on social networks. Morgenstern was sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand rubles, but for him this is clearly not money. So - another reason to make some noise.

At the Muz-TV music award ceremony, Morgenstern threw a scandal when the award was instead given to Alexander Revva (the comedian is engaged in music under the pseudonym Artur Pirozhkov). The winner was determined by a spectator vote. Alisher took the stage and accused the TV channel of rigging the results. However, this all also looks like a staging and a planned action, in the end after that even the grandfathers found out about him, and the prize covered with moss suddenly acquired at least some weight.

Love or hate


It is simply impossible to treat Morgenstern calmly. He is either blindly loved or desperately hated. Now Alisher is undoubtedly a cult character. The rapper's fans consider him a genius who can write an album in a week, while critics accuse the guy of not giving a damn about music and rap in particular.

In the comments under Morgenstern's posts on Instagram, you can find a huge number of unflattering comments. Haters accuse the artist that there are more naked girls in his videos than words, and advise him to work on diction.

On June 5, 2020, he released a video for the song "Suck", which became the leader of the Russian-language Youtube on dislikes (only 2.1 million with 22.8 million views). The previous record belonged to the video for Timati and Guf's song “Moscow” (1.4 million dislikes).

Surprisingly, many people liked the nihilism or indifference of Morgenstern, the complete absence of morality and reflections. At the end of the day, he does seem genuine, even in his stupidity, which sets him apart from the meticulously produced stars, censored, photoshopped and boring.

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