Beauty without chemistry: truth and myths about organic cosmetics
Beauty without chemistry: truth and myths about organic cosmetics

There is a lot of controversy around natural cosmetics: if some are sure that there is nothing special in it, others consider it a real find. We decided to investigate this issue, and at the same time we have selected several worthy beauty products for you.

Beauty without chemistry: truth and myths about organic cosmetics

Let's find out which opinions about organic cosmetics are true and which are myths.

1. No animal was harmed

This is true. Using organic cosmetics, you can be sure that nature is not touched, and all animals are alive and well. The only thing allowed in organics from animal ingredients is harmless options like lactic acid and bee products.

2. Cosmetics made from natural ingredients are ineffective

It is a myth. It's just that organic brands are less publicized and often focus on the absence of chemicals and the protection of nature, forgetting to mention that their cosmetics successfully solve other problems. Many natural ingredients fight acne, wrinkles and generally improve skin condition as well as traditional ones.

3. Lovers of textures and aromas will be disappointed with organic

It is a myth. Yes, the texture and aromas in organic cosmetics can really be different - more natural, but no less pleasant. Do not forget that the production of eco-products is associated with certain restrictions: no silicones, emulsifiers and chemical fragrances.

4. Organic cosmetics are not 100% safe and can cause allergies

This is true. Cosmetics without synthetic substances also contain potential allergens. Due to the fact that herbal extracts can cause irritation and allergies, some girls do not buy organic face products, opting for body and hair products. The best option is to always test on the skin and buy proven organic brands in trusted locations, because not all countries have developed an appropriate “organic” labeling policy.

5. Organic cosmetics are more boring and harder to use

It is a myth. Natural cosmetics are not designed exactly like traditional ones, but this is their “trick”. Eco-production controls not only formulas and plants, but also packaging. Degradable plastic and paint are organic standard. That is why the jars in general look more modest. But you can find a lot of stylish and minimalistic or bright and original options.

In addition, as time goes on, the properties of organic matter are improved, shampoos and gels foam better, the color gamut becomes wider, the pigments are brighter, and the durability is higher. Manufacturers are trying to produce relevant products that correspond to modern trends.

Where to buy natural cosmetics?

Another important question is where to buy. These can be individual brands (Weleda, Aveda, Melvita, Natura Siberica, and others) or specialty stores (Cosmotheca, Organic Shop, and others). There are not many of them, but they are. In addition, "organic beauty" is available online. For example, iHerb is a globally popular online organic store based in the United States. Here you can buy cosmetics, vitamins, dietary supplements, food and much more. We have collected the best beauty products with iHerbthat will delight you not only with the price, but also with the quality!

Alcohol-free witch hazel and aloe vera tonic Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum Hair conditioner with coconut Vitamin E Lip & Eye Stick Thickening B Complex + Biotin Shampoo African black soap Shea Butter Deodorant stick Mint mask for oily and problem skin Natural Beige Mineral Correcting Powder 100% cocoa butter stick HD powder for perfection Vitamin C serum + 8 active ingredients Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Thickening shampoo Studio Lip Exfoliator Lip Scrub Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub Baked highlighter Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch Studio Matte Lipstick Moisturizing Petit BB Cream Creamy eyeliner Tinted lip balm Eyebrow kit
Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

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