Brilliant: 20 morning beauty life hacks that lazy girls will love
Brilliant: 20 morning beauty life hacks that lazy girls will love

You know how it happens: 6 am, you don't want to crawl out from under a warm cocoon blanket until the last moment, and the wakefulness functions are completely disabled until the first sip of coffee. You're ready to trade a full breakfast and morning shower for a few minutes of sleep. What can we say about make-up … We have prepared life hacks that will significantly simplify lifting and collecting. You no longer have to choose between sleep and beauty!

Brilliant: 20 morning beauty life hacks that lazy girls will love

These tips are so easy that you can follow them even when you are half asleep, but they will help you look like you've been going for hours. Ready for a magical makeover?

Makeup in 5 minutes


In fact, in the morning you only need 5 products to look vigorous and fresh: concealer, foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyebrow pencil. Don't draw anything more complicated!

Bright accent


If you really overslept and you don't even have 5 minutes left, stop at one thing. For example, on red lipstick - it will suit absolutely everything and will become a bright accent in the image. Alternatively, use colored eyeliner to highlight your look.

Nude decides


Another option is to do a full-fledged makeup, but using exclusively neutral colors. This way you have less chance of making a mistake and more time for everything else.

Buy multitasking products

A stick for lips and cheeks, an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil - cosmetics that combine several functions will greatly help save time. And money:)

Get ready even in a dream

I'm sorry, what? Yes, this is quite real: instead of moisturizing your skin in the morning, apply a night mask that will make you more beautiful throughout the night.

Become Caesar


And we are not about the salad, but about that very Julia Caesar, who at the same time could do several things equally well. For example, you can try: brushing your teeth while the conditioner or mask is absorbed into your hair. dry your head while checking your mail on your computer; apply makeup while the kettle is boiling. Good luck!

Organize your workspace


Rather, the very place where you keep all your cosmetics. If you put things in order once (and will keep it), then the following morning preparations will go much faster. You can group your favorite beauty products by purpose and even by color - it will be super fun!

Take the time to shower before bed

No matter how trite it may sound, but this is one of the most relevant "tricks" that will help you save time. Freshen up in the morning, but do the basic procedures in the evening.

How to wash your hair in the morning


If things are bad and you realize that your hair needs to be washed right now, then pay attention to the following.

  • You can only get by with the roots, because they are the most fatty. It's simple: tuck your hair into a ponytail, wet your hands with a little conditioner or shampoo, massage the roots and rinse gently.
  • If you decide to "take" the head entirely, then grab a comb with wide teeth in the shower. It is useful for combing your hair immediately after applying the balm - it is much easier than detangling wet hair afterwards.
  • Alternatively, you can skip the blow-drying process. Firstly, it is good for your hair, and secondly, you can do other things while your hair dries naturally. And so they don't look unkempt, apply texturizer or make a bun or braid.

How not to wash your hair in the morning

This point is much simpler: it is enough to buy a dry shampoo in advance, and it will save you in a situation when your head is dirty, and time is sorely lacking. Just apply the product from a distance of 30 cm, massage and rub the roots a little with your hands - your hair will look absolutely clean!

P. S.If there is no dry shampoo, then regular baby powder will do. In general, the effect is exactly the same!

Prepare your hairstyle in advance


You can go to work with amazing beach waves, even if the time in the morning is just enough to get dressed and leave the room. How? Prepare the night before: apply a texturizing cream to your hair, do two braids and go to bed.

Get rid of unnecessary products

Feel free to throw away what you don't use (for example, the same sparkles that you bought for Halloween five years ago). If something has not been useful to you for a long time, then it is unlikely that it will ever be needed. But you will save your time and will no longer waste it on endless searches for something in the mountain of cosmetics.

Apply makeup on the go


Yes, it can be annoying for others, but if you're running late, it's best to do the finishing touches (mascara, blush, lipstick) on the way.

Speed ​​up your curling hair

If you decide to curl your hair, but you do not have the 10-20 minutes that it usually takes for this process, then try the following. Tie a high ponytail on your head and divide it into two or four pieces, then twist each strand well. Untie and shake the ponytail - voila! - beautiful and natural curls are ready.

Avoid liquid eyeliner

If you are not fluent in the art of drawing arrows, then try not to use liquid eyeliner in the morning, as it increases the chances of error. And erasing its effects, painting and erasing again is not a good idea.

Plan your makeup


Try planning in advance what to wear, just as you plan what to wear (ideally). Choose the exact shades and products you will use so you don't get stuck at this stage the next morning.

Apply mascara gently

To avoid clumping and other troubles, use more or less new mascara and be sure to remove excess product from the brush. And do not rush to apply it, so as not to smudge anything!

Down with the bags


Waking up with puffy eyes is one of the most frustrating problems for girls. We each have our preferred eye resurfacing remedy - cucumber slices, tea bags, frozen vegetables, ice, and so on. But if you don't have enough time and you need to wake up right now, buy a special cooling roller for the under-eye area. It will not only give a pleasant sensation, but also help reduce bruises and bags under the eyes in just a minute.

Use a humidifier


Let's reveal a secret: if you sleep with the air humidifier on, your skin will receive additional moisture. So you will spend much less time on leaving than usual.

The final touch


If your morning is so hectic that breakfast consists of two bites of pizza left over from the evening, then you probably don't have enough time for a manicure. But this does not mean that you should go out into the world with "bare" nails. The minimum program is a transparent varnish that will not only add shine, but also strengthen the nails.

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