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Makeup to the detriment: stars that are painted sloppy or vulgar
Makeup to the detriment: stars that are painted sloppy or vulgar

Cosmetics are created in order to make us more beautiful, but, as you know, everything should be in moderation. So, for Dana Borisova, Yulia Volkova, Britney Spears and other famous people from our selection, makeup turns out to be too pretentious, vulgar or sloppy, which only spoils their image.

Makeup to the detriment: stars that are painted sloppy or vulgar

Dana Borisova

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Dana Borisova is a clear example of the fact that nothing is better than bad. The TV presenter does not know how to paint at all, but she does it with enviable consistency. An uneven, seemingly dirty tone, smeared arrows and shadows applied by a strange technique, highlighted lips in the style of the 2000s - such a make-up gives Dana a frightening and painful look.

Yulia Volkova

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Julia Volkova has gone through a whole beauty evolution. Undoubtedly, the star now looks much more natural than it did five years ago. From the remnants of the past: a bright and long out of fashion tattoo with a graphic effect on the eyebrows. In addition, sometimes Volkova overdoes it with contouring, lip highlighting and false eyelashes. In general, there is a feeling of "plastering", and this is a fact.

Britney Spears

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The main problem with Britney Spears' makeup is negligence. The singer seems to be stuck in the past and continues to do the same make-up from the early 2000s. Everything would be fine if Brit knew how to do makeup, but it didn't work out with that either. Result: dozens of not very successful selfies. Eyes inaccurately highlighted with dark shadows, lips painted with Barbie lipstick, uneven tone, matryoshka blush and crumbled mascara - these are the standard components of the star image.

Irina Miroshnichenko

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Theater and film actress Irina Miroshnichenko always preferred bright makeup, but with age she began to make it more exaggerated: the people's artist highlights the upper and lower eyelids with dark shadows, stretches the arrow to the limit and does not carefully paint her lips with lipsticks of saturated red shades.

Nita Kuzmina

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Nita Kuzmina's makeup can be called quite neat. But his vulgarity just goes off scale: shiny pumped lips, sharp contouring, literally "screaming" bright eyes with huge arrows, smokey and false eyelashes - this is Nita's usual beauty choice. The saddest thing is that a huge number of girls on Instagram still follow the "plaster" make-up trend, which has faded into the background, giving way to a natural one.

Courtney Love

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Courtney Love has never worried about the neatness of her makeup. Whether in her youth or now, Courtney remains true to her style: sometimes it seems to us that she deliberately smears cosmetics on her face - but how else to achieve such a result?

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