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Causes and Treatment of Acne in Adults: In the Footsteps of Kendall Jenner
Causes and Treatment of Acne in Adults: In the Footsteps of Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's acne is a systematic attention-grabbing topic. Journalists, bloggers and haters never tire of wondering why a world star has imperfect skin. Meanwhile, acne is a problem that is familiar not only to adolescents, but also to adult women and men. Unfortunately, this does not depend on the status and degree of "stardom". Acne is not something to be ashamed of, but something to treat. Inflammation on the face is a signal of changes that are taking place in the body. Kendall's story, the causes of acne, methods of dealing with it and remedies for problem skin are all in our material.

Causes and Treatment of Acne in Adults: In the Footsteps of Kendall Jenner

Puberty is long over, and you can't breathe out. Acne in adults follows the same scenario as in adolescents. Only there is no chance of outgrowing. You can mask the problem endlessly, exacerbating the situation even more. Or you can decisively understand the root of evil and get rid of annoying and spoiling acne. We will show you how to act correctly and defeat comedones.

Kendall and acne in adulthood

“Skin problems started in the eighth or ninth grade. It had a strong influence on me, I was terribly complex. It literally destroyed my self-esteem. I tried not to even look people in the face when I spoke. I felt like such an outcast: talking to someone, I wanted to cover my face with my hand,”says Kendall Jenner.

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The model was able to defeat inflammation and thought that they were in the past. They returned three years later. Then the model did not suspect that an adult could have severe and persistent acne on the face. In the vastness of the Internet, close-up photos now and then pop up, in which abundant rashes are visible on the star's face. From a basketball game, at the exit from the airport and even at the Golden Globe. And it is not known what the public is discussing more: outfits, makeup or pimples on the face of an adult woman. Jenner couldn’t resist and posted a bold "tweet" in response to the barrage of criticism that fell upon her after the award: "Never let this shit stop you!" And this is the best reaction possible.


Kendall Jenner and other stars who lead a healthy lifestyle

Gorgeous physical shape is the calling card of the model. Kendall Jenner claims that she was lucky with genetics, but she is not used to relaxing. The muse of fashion designers follows a strict diet. She does not allow snacks and eats three times a day. The most nutritious is breakfast, but dinner is always as light as possible. The star of catwalks and gloss does not forget about physical activity.

Despite the fact that Kendall is no longer a teenager, acne has not left the girl's face and remains the cause of complexes. Of course, in adult women, acne causes even more inconvenience, especially if close public attention is riveted on it.

The model visits a good beautician, does various procedures and tries to hide skin imperfections with a foundation. But, unfortunately, he is not capable of one hundred percent disguise. It does not touch the skin, does not crush acne and has all the available remedies, but it will not get rid of the problem in any way. What's the matter? Why does an adult even have acne on his face that does not go away after cosmetic manipulations and after using high-quality formulations?

Acne on the face in an adult: causes and effects

In fact, acne is a common occurrence among girls and women. But while some have temporary rashes (for example, premenstrual or after using comedogenic cosmetics), others have permanent ones, which indicates problems with the sebaceous glands and the need for treatment.In this case, only a good remedy for acne on the face can help an adult to cope with the trouble.

Experts name the main causes of acne after adolescence:


The first and main reason is hormonal imbalance. It, in turn, is associated with increased levels of male sex hormones (androgens), due to which a large amount of sebum is produced. These processes lead to clogged pores and inflammation. Hence, adults have pimples on the cheeks and other parts of the face and body. Therefore, be sure to contact an endocrinologist (and at the same time a gynecologist and dermatologist), donate blood for hormones and do an ultrasound of the ovaries, uterus and thyroid gland. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe a competent treatment for you.

By the way, the level of stress has a great influence on the hormonal background. The less nervous and tense you are, the more likely you are to have healthy, glowing skin. And if stress is stored for years, it will result in blockages and irritations. So the best remedy for acne in adults (at least one of them) is calmness, patience and harmony with oneself. Add healthy sleep and timely rest to it - and excellent immunity is guaranteed!

acne in adults

Acne in adults occurs for several reasons, some of which can be influenced by lifestyle changes, while others require a visit to a specialist.


Improper diet can be another cause of acne in adulthood. So, if everything is in order with your analyzes, then pay attention to what you eat.

For example, excess flour and sweets are a direct path to imbalance. Insulin levels rise, glucose gets into fat cells and carbohydrates are stored in subcutaneous fat. This is why pimples develop in adults - from the love of unhealthy food.

Experts have proven that an imbalance in the intestinal microflora leads to the accelerated development of pathogenic bacteria on the skin surface. The work of the sebaceous and sweat glands increases, which leads to the fact that an adult has acne, redness, and rash all over the body. In this case, it is worth reviewing your diet and prioritizing.

If you still want to have healthy skin, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Nobody asks to give up your favorite sweets forever. But it is advisable to replace milk chocolate with bitter, drink tea without sugar, use dried fruits instead of buns. It is better to indulge in small pleasures than to observe pimples on the face of an adult.

You should also add cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt and other healthy dairy products to the menu. If there is no allergy, a little honey can be added.


Among the main diseases that lead to acne, comedones, peeling and other skin imperfections are demodex mites and hyperkeratosis. In such a situation, an itchy acne may develop in an adult. The tick is associated with a weakened immune system, and hyperkeratosis is associated with disturbances in the process of keratinization.

Also, acne can appear in the mouth of an adult. Most likely, it will be herpes, with the help of which the weakened immunity made itself felt. Bubbles are difficult to confuse with something else, but a dermatologist must sort out the problem.

In case of illness, the advice of friends or recommendations on the forums will not work; only a specialist should prescribe remedies for acne on the face of an adult. So do not delay your visit to the doctor.


A humid climate is a good helper for exacerbating acne. Often in adults, acne on the legs and arms is associated with heat and excessive sweating. Dry or, conversely, excessively humid air does not leave the skin a chance for comfort. In this case, you do not need to abuse clothes made of synthetic fabrics and soap, so as not to dry the skin even more. Rinsing with cool water is sufficient. And less sun.

Treatment and prevention: how to get rid of acne for an adult

acne in adults

If you pay attention to the prevention of acne in adults, you can significantly prolong the effect of treatment and even permanently solve the problem.

To correct the situation, drug therapy will help, as a rule, external, if we are talking about a mild or moderate form of the disease. After an in-person consultation, a specialist will select a competent treatment for acne in adults, which is suitable in a particular case.

The most effective methods of dealing with acne are:

  1. Drug therapy. There are external (pharmacy gels and ointments) and internal (antibiotics, antihistamines and other pills for acne on the face in adults).
  2. Cleansing and peeling. Salicylic acid or retinoic acid can help exfoliate, improve and dry skin inflammation in just a few sessions. Hydromechanopilling and microcurrent therapy are also considered effective, which helps an adult get rid of acne.
  3. Diamond grinding. A special apparatus gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin and removes dead skin cells. For a noticeable effect, 4-6 procedures are required, with each gradually acne in adult men and women disappears. Grinding should not be carried out for skin diseases.
  4. Mesotherapy. This injection and painful technique nourishes the skin with vitamins, medicinal ingredients and microminerals. It removes adult acne well on the back and other parts of the body. After such a cocktail, inflammation will have little chance of survival. Course - 4-5 procedures.
  5. Cryomassage. The pimples are treated with liquid nitrogen, causing them to "freeze" and "fall off." In general, the procedure is safe, but contraindicated if purulent acne bothers in adulthood.
  6. Laser. Reduces pores and removes dead skin cells. It acts exclusively on problem areas, successfully relieving irritation. After 3-5 procedures, you will notice positive changes. This treatment for adult facial acne is also considered to be very effective.

In addition, do not forget about the rules of prevention:

  • when choosing cosmetics and hygiene products, stop at non-comedogenic cosmetics (without refining oil, silicones, emollients, emulsifiers, and so on), because sometimes the reason why adults have acne lies in it;
  • try to change your care to a specialized one, in particular, a dermatologist can advise a good pharmacy ointment for acne in adults;
  • in any case, do not crush acne (you do not want one pimple to spread bacteria?), because rough, inept mechanical influences are frequent reasons that acne spreads on the face of adults;
  • do not abuse alcohol-containing products - the skin becomes dehydrated and produces even more fat, in particular, carefully select the care compositions for the hair, because they often cause acne on the head in adults;
  • stop at cosmetics with the following ingredients: retinoids, azelaic acid, kaolin, benzoyl peroxide, adapalene, imidazole, zinc lactate, antibiotics (erythromycin, clindamycin, tetracycline) - these are best friends for problem skin;
  • avoid too thick tonal creams - they do not allow the pores to breathe, for example, acne on the forehead of an adult person easily spreads for this reason;
  • to mask rashes, use products with green pigment, correctors, light foundation or powder;
  • for cleansing the skin, foams, mousses and gels with a light texture that maintain the pH level are ideal;
  • anti-inflammation agents are also beneficial for your skin, the most effective acne cream in adults is available with vitamins A, E, F, salicylic acid and various trace elements.

Remember: the key to successful acne treatment is the correct determination of the cause of their occurrence. But any medicine for acne on the face in adults and on the whole body should be recommended by a doctor. Self-medication is unacceptable.

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