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10 best Turkish love TV series that you can't tear yourself away from
10 best Turkish love TV series that you can't tear yourself away from

Turkish TV series have taken over the world. What can I say, the Cosmo editors also did not stand aside. Believe it or not, the Turks are brilliant in this regard. They instantly shoot and release series, so much so that people forget about real life and immerse themselves in the screens, watching incredible love stories. Let's say right away: after watching one episode, you will not be able to tear yourself away from these scandals, intrigues and investigations. Meet the best Turkish TV series about love in Russian - we are sure that you will be delighted!

The peculiarity of the series of Turkish production is long series and a large coverage of characters, you follow several storylines at once. And what to say about hot handsome actors … In general, the plots of the TV series of sunny Turkey are based on standard situations that are interesting to the audience. By the way, if you already know them or are a fan of them, then this collection will also be useful for you - choose a new story that suits your taste. So, why do we love them:

  • Interesting story
  • Immersion in a fairy tale
  • Beautiful actors
  • Incredible views of Istanbul
  • Cheer up
  • They make you experience a variety of emotions: one series you laugh non-stop, another you cry
  • Well, you understand, right? If you have not watched a single Turkish TV series, except for "The Magnificent Century", then urgently get better!

1. Love for rent (Kiralik Ask)

Turkish TV series top 10

Game of Heroes has put "Love for Rent" in the list of the best Turkish TV series, where they endure punishment for the sake of love

Most likely, "Love for Rent" with a good translation will win your love sympathy at first sight. Firstly, the Turkish TV series is filled with a unique atmosphere. You will become akin to the heroes and you will live events with them: laugh and cry, rejoice and be sad.

Secondly, you will definitely want to visit not only the beach resorts of Turkey, but also Istanbul - the city is shot amazingly beautifully. Be sure to find this Turkish TV series in good quality and this place will conquer you.


Ksenia Borodina and other stars who do not communicate with their parents

Parents divorced when Ksyusha Borodina was only one year old. Mom, after a short period of time, married an Italian and moved in with him. Ksenia stayed in Moscow with her grandmother, and her mother and stepfather visited her in the capital. His own father refused to see his heiress, for which Borodin harbored a grudge against him. She never communicated with her own parent, and when he died, she did not react to this message in any way.

Thirdly - DefOm and ElBar. We decipher: the main characters of the series Defne and Omer (actors Elchin Sangu and Barysh Arduch). Both are beautiful and charismatic. They play so realistically, sweetly and passionately that many fans are sure that the actors had feelings during filming. And the series also has its own unique star - Koray! This adorable hero and his antics will make you laugh non-stop. Thus, all 69 episodes of this Turkish series put it on a par with the best movie novels about love.


Barysh Arduch and Elchin Sangu.


Defne, a red-haired girl from a simple family, finds herself in a difficult situation. She urgently needs money to save her brother. And suddenly, on her way, she meets a woman who offers her a large sum for just one service - to get a job in a fashion shoe company and fall in love with her boss, who is her nephew.

What was the surprise of Defne when she recognized in her new boss that handsome guy whom she met the other day under very strange circumstances (Omer kissed Defne to get rid of another hunter for his money).

Then events begin to unfold very interestingly and unexpectedly.And how this whole story will end, whether it will remain just a game and whether Omer will find out the truth, you will find out while watching one of the best Turkish TV series "Renting Love".

The musical accompaniment of the series deserves special attention, as well as references to art and culture - the very case when you not only have fun while watching, but also educate yourself. Recommend this good Turkish love series to your friends and give them great pleasure.

Love, deception and betrayal: new Turkish TV series that will fascinate you

2. Waiting for the sun (Gunesi Beklerken)

The best Turkish love series top 10

If you need a Turkish TV series with a good ending about student love, "Waiting for the Sun" is a great option

Waiting for the Sun is another special and atmospheric painting. Many fans admit that after watching it, they no longer get delighted with other Turkish TV series, where forbidden love reigns at its best. We can say about him: if you have not yet watched "Waiting for the Sun", then you can be envied.


Hande Dogandemir and Kerem Bursin.


It is twisted around the impossible love of two young hearts. Zeynep is a girl from a village who is forced to move to Istanbul. Kerem is the bad guy and the unspoken head of the college that Zeynep ends up in. They will go a long way from hatred, all kinds of difficulties and denial to acceptance and first love. The best Turkish TV series are known to have complex storylines.

Will they be able to carry their feelings through the revealed secrets, despite the best friends, enemies, traitors and murders? Watch the series and find out everything. If you name the best Turkish love series, you should not lose sight of the story of insane passion Zeynep and Kerem. We are sure that you will not want to part with his characters, and the music from the screensaver will definitely be included in your playlist.

3. Strawberry smell (Cilek kokusu)

The best Turkish love series top 10

Fight against fate - Demet Ozdemir and Yusuf Chim played love in the series and in life.

A small number of episodes and a summer mood - "Strawberry Smell" can be a great start if you haven't watched the best short Turkish series about love. This story captivates with its lightness, naivety and kindness.


Demet Ozdemir and Yusuf Chim.


No wonder this drama between a wealthy womanizer and a poor girl is on the list of the best Turkish love series. It all starts with the fact that fate brings two people together: a rich and spoiled Burak and a modest girl from the village of Asly. Who would have thought that they would converge?

An airport, a hotel, and then it turns out that they even live nearby, and Asla's mother is a servant in Burak's house. Their relationship will begin with war, and end in sweet peace. However, this series was not without obstacles.

By the way, the actors who played Asli and Burak started dating in real life. Demet Ozdemir and Yusuf Chim were together for about a year. The series from this fact becomes even more interesting - after all, we are talking about real feelings.

4. Love does not understand words (Ask laftan anlamaz)

The best Turkish love series top 10

In the rating of the best Turkish series about love, the story of Hayat and Murat.

“Love Doesn't Understand Words” is, first of all, a beautiful series. Everything is perfect in it: a selection of actors, their play, outfits, views of Istanbul, humor, music, plot.


Hande Erchel and Burak Deniz.


The story begins in a very funny and carefree manner: a girl named Hayat goes to get a job, is insolent with some guy along the way … By coincidence, she is hired under a different name. The most interesting thing begins when her boss turns out to be the same guy with whom she quarreled on the street. You can start watching the best Turkish TV series about love with this famously swirling romance.

Will Hayat's lie be revealed and how will her relationship with Murat develop? Let's just say that closer to the middle of the series, incredible intrigues begin to fascinate.A very difficult period is coming for the main and secondary characters, you will suffer with them and at the same time understand why "Love Does Not Understand Words" is included in the top of the best Turkish series about love. The denouement and finale are definitely worth it!

5. Black Love (Kara Sevda)

The best Turkish love series top 10

"Black Love" is rightfully called one of the best Turkish TV series because of the intricacies of the plot.

Do you want to watch something serious and large-scale? Pay attention to the Turkish TV series "Black Love", which many call the best and where each episode is like a full-length film. This is a series about great love and suffering, tragic and at the same time attractive.

It has everything that characterizes a quality cinema: an amazing story, tension, unpredictability, versatile characters, excellent camera work, musical accompaniment. Watch the Turkish TV series "Black Love" with a good translation and you will be overwhelmed by a wave of emotions.


Burak Ozchivit and Neslihan Atagyul.


Events revolve around separated lovers who fight for justice, freedom and happiness. Often in the best Turkish love series, heroes go against fate and every time it is very exciting. Nihan is a rich artist, and Kemal is a poor engineer who fell in love with her at first sight. Absolutely everything and everything was against them.

Nihan had to make a tough choice and leave Kemal. He left with a broken heart, worked in a mine, became a participant in an accident, but eventually built a successful career and returned five years later. And this is where the best moments of the Turkish series begin. Is the heroes' love "black"?

Kemal is determined to forget everything, but is it so easy to throw the first "endless" love out of the heart? By the way, "Black Love" is the favorite TV series of Ksenia Borodina, who is a fan of the best Turkish serial films about love. Not to be confused with the serial melodrama "Black and White Love", this is a different story.

6. Cherry season (Kiraz Mevsimi)

The best Turkish love series top 10

Where love is on display, there is no place for true feelings? The Turkish TV series "Cherry Season" will prove otherwise.

If you want to watch Turkish TV shows and choose the best about love among them (in the vastness of the network this can be done for free), this is the right copy. "Cherry Season" is an easy, unusual and romantic love story.


Serkan Chayoglu and Ozge Gurel.


Ayaz is a young successful architect, bachelor and heartthrob. Oiku is a student girl from a poor neighborhood. Ayaz could not resist her eccentricity, eccentricity, purity and naivety. They themselves will not notice how love takes possession of their hearts and binds them with invisible threads.

Immerse yourself in The Cherry Season: you will forget about all your problems, watching the main characters and enjoying the Turkish TV series with a good ending.

7. High society (Yuksek Sosyete)

The best Turkish love series top 10

Whenever you want to watch a Turkish series about love with a good ending, welcome to High Society.

And again the favorite topic of the Turks is touched upon - class prejudices. Unequal relationships, protest from relatives and a hard struggle for happiness. The list of the best Turkish love series in Russian includes the magic story of Cansu and Kerem.


Engin Ozturk and Khazar Erguchlu.


Cansu was born into a wealthy family, she lives in a brilliant world, but at the same time she is deeply unhappy. Kerem, on the other hand, is the only son in a working-class family that raised him in difficult circumstances. His life is Cansu's dream.

Most of all, they want to find the place to which they really belong. Love and punishment in one bottle of the best Turkish TV series. Fate brings them together: will feeling help overcome all differences and defeat evil fate?

8. Daughters Gunesh (Gunesin Kizlari)

The best Turkish love series top 10

You empathize with the heroine with three children who survived bitter love until the happy ending of the best Turkish TV series.

Among the good Turkish films and TV series, there are examples of not only youthful but also more mature love."Daughters of Gunesh" is a very dynamic series in which several storylines are actively developing. You will observe the relationship of the daughters and you will not be able to tear yourself away from this interesting story, where each character has his own secrets.


Emre Kynay and Evrim Alasia.


Gunesh is a 35-year-old literature teacher and mother of three daughters who has lost hope of meeting her love. Everything turned upside down acquaintance with a charismatic, sweet and caring businessman who won her heart.

But it turned out that his family was not ready for other people's children, and Khalyuk himself is not as simple as it seems: over time, his dark side began to appear. Whether it was love for show or sincere affection, you can figure it out after watching one of the best Turkish TV series.

9. Inside (Icerde)

The best Turkish love series top 10

An exciting story about a love triangle: many viewers call "Inside" the best Turkish TV series.

This Turkish series about love and hate harmoniously combines the genres of a crime thriller and a touching melodrama. Therefore, he is in the ranking of the best TV series. There is more than enough intrigue here - you will definitely not get bored.


Chagatai Ulusoy and Aras Bulut Iynemli.


In the first episode, we are sent to graduation at the police academy, where events begin to unfold. Sarp finds himself in a difficult situation, but he does not even realize that all this time he studied at the academy with his brother, who was kidnapped in childhood after his father's arrest.

They both go through a difficult path, and a girl named Melek helps them in this. It is she who will become the cause of discord among the brothers in the future.

10. Magnificent century (Muhtesem Yuzyil)

The best Turkish love series top 10

If we mention the best Turkish TV series, in which love reigns again and again, then the story of the sultan and the concubine should be among the first.

We could not fail to include in the selection the real classics of Turkish TV series - "The Magnificent Century"! This is a large-scale story, the plot of which is based on real events that occurred during the reign of Sultan Suleiman I.

The soap opera will take you back to the period of the Ottoman Empire: there is love, intrigue, murder, and politics. Expensive costumes, talented actors who cannot help but empathize, scenery, Topkapi Palace, mesmerizing music and, of course, the script itself - it is impossible to remain indifferent. We advise you to watch this Turkish TV series about bitter love with good Russian voice acting.


Halit Ergench and Meryem Uzerli.


You will learn about a period in the life of Alexandra, a girl taken prisoner by the Turks and named Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. She managed to go through a difficult path and become the first official wife of Suleiman.

Every year, a lot of interesting Turkish love series are released, which means that there are new reviews from the Cosmo editorial staff ahead.

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