Top 5 selective fragrances for spring 2020
Top 5 selective fragrances for spring 2020

Fragrances are like clothes: you constantly choose them to suit your mood, and with the arrival of the new season you want to change your “wardrobe”, and, by the way, it should be special. Fortunately, niche perfumers mix unexpected note combinations and always hit the spot. We are sure that in our selection you will definitely find a cool option for the upcoming season.

Princess rose de mai

Everyone will like this composition, and rose lovers will like it doubly, because in the heart there is a duet of a Damask rose from Bulgaria and a May rose from Grasse. But first, get ready to hear the spicy ginger: it is with this note that the aroma unfolds. But what makes it really special is the mouth-watering accord of matcha tea and marshmallows. There is always something sweet with Princess Rose de Mai!

Replica Coffee Break

The calendar spring is very soon, but you can't tell by the weather. We found a scent that will help you warm up sooner. Replica Coffee Break has it all: Arabica beans combined with fresh sweet pastries instantly cheer you up, while hints of lavender will help you relax even in the long winter. Pshik - and you seemed to find yourself in your favorite coffee shop!


If you value not only the content, but also the visual part, then you will not be able to resist this sample. It consists entirely of what girls love: inside - Turkish rose, peony and vanilla, and outside - an elegant bottle that will decorate the dressing table. By the way, the composition reveals notes of rhubarb, lychee and bergamot, but the floral accord still dominates.

Not a perfume superdose

This is a richer version of Not a Perfume. The main note is still here - cetalox, which gives amber and woody tones, but now the perfumer has added it in a much greater concentration. We promise that with the arrival of spring, the hand will especially reach for him, because at this time we want something fresh. And Not a Perfume Superdose just leaves a light unobtrusive trail.

Vanille passion

Did you know that vanilla is the strongest aphrodisiac? That is why perfumers love to add it to their compositions. And you can't even explain why you like the aroma with this ingredient so much. By the way, the main note of vanilla in Vanille Passion does not sound too cloying, as it is diluted with milk. Such a creamy aroma will definitely draw attention to you.

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