Why lash base is more important than mascara and how to use it
Why lash base is more important than mascara and how to use it

Do you want to get long, voluminous eyelashes? Then one mascara is not enough. A special base should be the first step in eyelash makeup - it will become the base on which the final result depends. Let's sort it out in order.

Why do you need a primer?

The primer (base) for eyelashes has two main functions: lengthening and thickening. And besides, with this tool you will prolong the durability of your mascara: it will not smear and crumble much longer than usual.


With a primer, you can refuse to apply mascara in several layers: this way you will avoid clumps and get perfectly separated lashes.

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The base contains caring components - panthenol and vitamins E and B, they take care of the eyelashes and strengthen them.

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Sometimes microfiber particles (tiny villi) are added to the primer. They are attached to the tips of the eyelashes, and at the expense of those they become even longer.


By the way, if you curl your eyelashes with a curler before make-up, then the primer will come in handy - it will fix the raised eyelashes and prevent them from dropping during the day.

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How to use a primer?

The base for eyelashes is no different from the packaging of a classic mascara, so it is very simple to use it: comb the eyelashes with a brush from the base to the very ends. After that, immediately start applying the mascara: you do not need to wait for the primer to dry, in this case the mascara does not fit well.

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If you want to get the effect of lengthening lashes, then pay more attention to the ends. And for super volume, it is necessary to paint over the base of the hairs well with zigzag movements.

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