Which nail shape will suit your fingers?
Which nail shape will suit your fingers?

As you know, fingers are adorned not only by the design of the coating, but also by the correctly selected shape of the nails. When choosing, you need to build on the shape of the fingers, the state of the nail plate and even the lifestyle - then the manicure will come out beautiful and convenient. Let's determine which option is right for you.


This is a natural and graceful shape of the nail plate that suits everyone, without exception. Choose it regardless of the original length - it will not affect the appearance in any way. With an oval, the fingers look narrower and longer. Who doesn't want this effect?

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With wide fingers, it's best to make a round shape. It looks good on short lengths of nails and therefore retains a neat look longer. By the way, if you lead an active lifestyle and go in for sports, the "circle" for nails is an ideal option.

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If you want to visually lengthen your fingers and make them more graceful, then this option will suit you. The almond shape is similar to a nut, therefore it is slightly tapered at the tips. It looks especially good on medium toenail lengths. In addition, "almonds" are less likely to break due to the lack of sharp corners.

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This is the most vulnerable form possible, because the corners are often broken due to external factors, so it will have to be carefully monitored. It will suit the owners of long fingers and short nails. But if you want to make a "square" at a medium length, then try to slightly round the corners.

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