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Cool spring 2020 haircuts for fluffy hair
Cool spring 2020 haircuts for fluffy hair

Not curly, and not straight … Yes, porous wavy hair is not so easy to style, because you don't want to look like a dandelion. But this problem can be solved if you choose the right haircut: styling will take a little time, and the hair will delight the eye (and not only yours)!

Asymmetrical elongated bob

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


After the peak of popularity of the bob hairstyle, its modification appeared, which is great for wavy hair. Due to the fact that the hair is cut unevenly, with torn edges, styling looks modern and creates a light, relaxed look.

How to stack?

The simplest option: apply the gel to the entire length of clean, towel-dried hair - the product will help to slightly pacify the strands. Then let them dry naturally.

Restoration hair balm-gel


Taylor Swift

Image Image

Jennifer Lopez and other stars who gave birth after forty

Jennifer Lopez has admitted many times that she dreams of children. At first, her personal life did not work out (the scandalous divorce with dancer Chris Judd, the wedding with actor Ben Affleck was canceled a few hours before the ceremony), later, married to singer Mark Anthony, Lopez could not get pregnant. Jennifer decided on IVF and in February 2008 gave birth to twins Max and Emma. Unlike Mariah Carey, Lopez is not afraid to carry twins again. “I want a lot of children. Maybe four or five. I would like to give birth to more twins,”Jennifer admitted.

A shag haircut consists of strands of different lengths: the master will definitely make thinning and bangs (if you have one), and ends. As a result, you will get a slight disheveled negligence on your head, and now this is one of the most important trends. By the way, the shag looks advantageous on both long and short hair.

How to stack?

A dry spray will perfectly cope with the task - it will emphasize the structure of the hair. To do this, after drying with a hairdryer, comb your hair, tilt your head down, straighten up sharply and spray the product. Ready!

Dry Spray for Hair Texture Casual Chic


Jennifer Lopez


This version of haircuts in layers will help the curls go smoothly and beautifully, even without special styling. In addition, this technique will slightly lighten the hairstyle, and it will look neater. And if you make a bang, then you can also correct facial features.

How to stack?

Use foam before brushing with a hairdryer. Just do not overdo it with the product - for one application, it is enough to squeeze a small ball into the palm of your hand. For the best sushi effect, hair in rows.

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