Top 5 worst face mask mistakes
Top 5 worst face mask mistakes

We love face masks: this product is easy to use and has an instant effect. For this procedure, you do not need professional skills, but you should still take into account some rules, because mistakes can negatively affect the skin of the face.

Top 5 worst face mask mistakes

Mistake 1. Not taking into account your skin type

Before making a mask, you need to determine the needs of your skin. For example, a nourishing mask is contraindicated for the owner of combination and oily skin, but for dry skin it is a real salvation.

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Mistake 2. Use a mask every day

Remember: exfoliating, cleansing and lifting masks can be done 1-2 times a week. If you break this rule, you can break the hydrolipid layer of the skin. The result is irritation, flaking, and in the worst case, inflammation.

But use moisturizing masks without restrictions. By the way, if you apply it in a thin layer, then feel free to leave the product until the morning.

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Mistake 3. Do not cleanse the skin before the mask

Any spa procedure should start with cleansing the face. Only in this case the active components of the mask will be able to penetrate deeply into the skin and work at full "power".

Facial cleansing gel

Mistake 4. Keep the mask longer than the specified time

Always read the instructions before use. Based on the composition of the product, the manufacturer calculates the application time. If the mask dries completely on your face, you will get the opposite effect: it will lead to dehydration of the skin.

Mistake 5. Apply a mask to the skin around the eyes

This area on the face is very delicate and requires special care. Facial masks are too aggressive for her. If you need to moisturize the skin around the eyes, it is better to use special masks or patches.

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