The best gel nail polishes according to reviews: you don't have to dry in a lamp
The best gel nail polishes according to reviews: you don't have to dry in a lamp

The new trend towards eliminating gel polishes that need to be cured in a lamp made us go back to conventional finishes. But how do you get this long-lasting effect without harming your nails? There is an alternative: gel polish that dries naturally and lasts about 7 days - what you need! We decided to select the best "representatives" and highlight their main "chips" based on reviews on the Internet.



Before you start painting your nails, you need to degrease the nail plate. This is done for better adhesion to the varnish. After such treatment, it will lie flat and hold on for a long time.

Means for degreasing nails ALL STARS

Nail Atelier, Vivienne Sabo

In addition to a wide palette of shades, the applicator of the product should be noted. The edges of the brush are sharp, not rounded, like in most specimens. This helps paint over the nail right at the base of the cuticle.

NAIL ATELIER gel polish (shade 130)

Miracle Gel, Sally Hansen

This varnish can be applied to nails the first time: it does not leave streaks! You may need a second coat only if you want a richer shade.

Miracle Gel nail polish (shade Pink Cadillaque)

1 Step Wondergel, Wet N Wild

With this option, you can easily do without a top glossy finish - the varnish shines like that! By the way, if you choose a light shade, then you should paint your nails in three layers, and if a varnish from a dark palette, two are enough.

1 STEP WONDERGEL nail gel polish (shade Lavender out loud)

Gel, Pink Up

The villi on the brush are quite tough - this helps to better control the application without staining the skin. In addition, the consistency of the varnish also contributes to this: the texture is not too liquid, it allows you to accurately distribute the product over the nail plate.

Gel Nail Polish GEL

Super Gel Urban Affair, Rimmel

The wide brush allows you to paint your nails in two rows. And the best part: of all the listed samples, this varnish dries the fastest. You will have to spend about five minutes on the layer - and you can go about your business.

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