Test yourself: cleanse your face by skin type
Test yourself: cleanse your face by skin type

Cleansing is the most important step in daily facial skin care, so the choice of a product for this procedure must be treated with knowledge. The sebaceous glands of each skin type work in their own way. And if you use the wrong product, your face may become sore or feel uncomfortable. In our selection, we suggest what is right for you.

Test yourself: cleanse your face by skin type

Dry skin

Do you constantly feel tight? Then choose oil or milk for washing - it not only cleanses, but also nourishes the skin. And also make sure that the product contains no alcohol, fruit acids and petroleum jelly.

Cleansing Foaming Oil Cleansing milk "Absolute tenderness"

Normal skin

Alternate between cleansing foam and scrub - in tandem, they will cope with their task perfectly. The foam is gentle enough for every day. But 1-2 times a week, the skin needs to be provided with a deeper cleansing with a scrub.

Lahde Cleansing Foam Apricot Pits Cleansing Scrub

Combination skin

The gel-textured product will deal with deep dirt and completely remove excess sebum. If your skin type is combination, then use the gel only in the evening. In your case, cleansing "to a squeak" twice a day will only provoke irritation.

Cleansing Gel Cleanance Foaming Cleanser

Oily skin

Use the cleansing gel in the morning and in the evening, as the skin produces too much sebum. And if you do not remove it, there is a possibility that the pores can clog and inflammation will appear. By the way, powders and powders also solve this problem, you can add them to your “diet” 2-3 times a week.

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