Minus 50 and even 100 kg: impressive photos of stars before and after losing weight
Minus 50 and even 100 kg: impressive photos of stars before and after losing weight

The heroes of our collection are really heroes, because they lost from 50 to 100 kg! How did they manage it, what prompted them to decide on such feats and what do they look like now? Hurry, look!

As the main character of the film "I'm losing weight" said: "If you decide to lose weight, lose weight not for the summer, but for yourself." This is exactly what the heroes of our collection did. Cosmo invites you to be inspired by inspiring stories.

Nadezhda Angarskaya

Maximum weight: 130 kg

Minimum weight: about 80 kg


Recently, Nadezhda Angarskaya has been associated with subscribers not only as an actress Comedy Woman or a singer with a strong voice, but also as an adherent of a healthy lifestyle. By her example, the comedian showed that, if you wish, you can lose weight by any number of kilograms. Nadezhda herself has more than minus 40 kilograms behind her shoulders, 10 of which she left while participating in the show "The Last Hero".

Now, on her Instagram, Angarskaya not only charges followers with a good mood, but also inspires them to lose weight, telling them point by point what to do and where to run.

Gohar Avetisyan

Maximum weight: 131 kg

Minimum weight: less than 80 kg

Goar avetisyan

The famous make-up artist Gohar Avetisyan not so long ago admitted that she has been struggling with excess weight all her life, but no matter how many tens of kilograms she threw off, they always come back, sometimes with “friends”. After giving birth, Gohar began to rapidly lose weight: when the mark dropped below 100 kg, which became a kind of record for the girl, she still could not fall in love with what she saw in the mirror. And then Avetisyan decided on drastic measures: at the end of 2020, she underwent liposuction. In addition, Gohar switched to proper nutrition, incorporated regular sports into her life and cannot get enough of the results. Her Instagram is now full of photos with an open belly. You need to show your achievements!

Alexander Morozov

Maximum weight: 140 kg

Minimum weight: less than 89 kg

Alexander Morozov Alexander Morozov

“You seem to have been photoshopped,” - such comments can be found under the photographs of Alexander Morozov, in which it is impossible to recognize him. Not a trace of a funny man with a "ball" body shape and funny curly hair left: we have an attractive middle-aged man in front of us.

In 2018, Alexander seriously thought about his health and decided on a stomach resection: he was not stopped either by his age, in which such operations are much more difficult to tolerate, or the risk of losing his job, since Yevgeny Petrosyan was sure: without his volume, Morozov would cease to be funny … Behind several operations, including the removal of excess skin. And voila - we have a completely different person in front of us. “They returned to me the figure of my 18 years of age,” the humorist is not overjoyed, although he admits that this path was not easy: both financially and emotionally. But now, he says, you can arrange your personal life. With a career, by the way, everything is in order!

Olga Kartunkova

Maximum weight: 151 kg

Minimum weight: 67 kg

Olga Kartunkova Olga Kartunkova

Minus 84 kilograms - so much Olga Kartunkova managed to lose without any intervention, only thanks to her own willpower. Once the arrow on her scales crossed the 150 kg mark, but the actress was little worried about this, because the excess weight not only did not interfere with her career, but also helped her.

The impetus for losing weight was, oddly enough, an injury: Olga broke her leg, a nerve was damaged, a complex operation was required, and for a speedy recovery - a strict diet. Losing weight, Kartunkova noted that she began to feel much better and decided not to stop there. As a result, the comedian has more than halved her original weight. Incredible!

Not so long ago, fans noted that Olga began to gain weight again, but the actress hurried to calm them down, noting that this was only for the role.There is nothing to worry about - she already has all the tools to get in shape.

Maxim Fadeev

Maximum weight: 196 kg

Minimum weight: 84 kg

Maxim Fadeev Maxim Fadeev

A couple of years ago, Maxim Fadeev was close to weighing … two hundredweight! However, at the right time, the musician realized that it was time to radically change his life and, in addition to dissolving his production center, he decided to part with those extra pounds. In just a year and four months, Maxim lost 112 kilograms. Incredible makeover! A photo in which he climbed into one of his legs with both legs flew around the Internet.

Alexander Semchev

Maximum weight: 200 kg

Minimum weight: less than 100 kg

Alexander Semchev

Persona stars

Alexander Semchev

Persona stars

Alexander Semchev, unlike Maxim Fadeev, did see the mark on the scales of two centners. Against the background of excess weight, which in a sense became the hallmark of the actor, diabetes developed, and Alexander was seriously afraid for his life. Then he decided to lose weight: he simply gave up fatty and starchy foods, tried to eat right and lost 40 kilograms in the first year. Then it was already a matter of technology. Not so long ago, the actor decided on a circular facelift, thanks to which (and losing weight, of course, too) his career took off.

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