Devil's lips and nostril hair: the wildest beauty trends of 2020
Devil's lips and nostril hair: the wildest beauty trends of 2020

Admirers of experimenting with appearance do not get tired of coming up with new trends. And sometimes they are too strange! Makeup, like from a horror movie, false eyelashes are not at all in the places where it is customary to glue them and life hacks, frankly unhealthy … Here is a "hit parade" of the most incredible (and sometimes even creepy) trends.

Devil's lips and nostril hair: the wildest beauty trends of 2020

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Octopus lips


"Octopus lips" - they are "devil lips", "dragon lips" or "squash lips" - can deservedly be called the most dangerous experiment and the wildest trend of this year. Fashionistas got tired of simple lip augmentation, and they found new uses for fillers. Now the girls change the shape of their lips so that their shape is reminiscent of … underwater monsters. Maybe so they are hinting that they miss the "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

A new trend for octopus lips appeared about a year ago in Russia. Such cosmetic manipulation not only looks extremely strange, but is also simply dangerous. And it was invented by a home-grown cosmetologist Emelyan Braude, who used to work as a courier and deliver drugs to aesthetic clinics, and then decided to retrain as a beauty specialist. Braude more than once found himself in the center of a scandal: he performed procedures in unsanitary conditions, urged people to abandon anesthesia, and so on. In the end, law enforcement agencies became interested in him, and the popularizer of the lips of the devil in cosmetology went to share his experience in other countries of Eastern Europe. However, this does not mean (unfortunately) that there are no followers left in Russia who are promoting the trend for octopus lips.

It's scary to think what unwanted "bonuses" await those who decided on the lips of the devil from Braude. According to cosmetologists, the fashion for octopus lips threatens with consequences such as tissue necrosis and anaphylactic shock and even death. Officially, octopus lips are the wildest trend of 2020 so far. If you still want to get yourself such, at least make sure that the doctor has the appropriate education and work experience.

Bratz doll makeup


Compared to the devil lips trend from Emelyan Braude, Bratz-style makeup is quite harmless. At a minimum, he does not need to be injected, but simply equip himself with cosmetics, and brighter.

Figures Barbie and Bratz are very popular with girls, but, apparently, the spectacular images of these dolls appeal not only to the younger generation. Adult girls are happy to paint "like Bratz", achieving completely inhuman proportions of the face. This trend started with a challenge on the social network Reddit, but quickly spread beyond it. Many makeup artists and beauty bloggers have already tried on makeup like a Bratz doll, collecting a generous crop of likes. Video instructions on how to do Bratz makeup have even appeared on the network.

The doll make-up trend has become a real hit on social networks. It is not difficult to explain such popularity - it is bright, catchy, reminiscent of childhood and immediately catches the eye in the Instagram feed. Of course, few people dare to wear such makeup in everyday life, but as an experiment or an image for a costume party - why not? And the photos will turn out cool. Still, Bratz doll makeup deserves a place on our list of the most eccentric trends of the year.


Image Image Image

Probably, such a strange trend was invented by those who have few corporate logos on clothes, shoes, accessories and bags.Signing their love for the brand, some began to paint the logos of the brands on the nails and … on the face. For companies, this only plays into the hands - additional advertising!

The fact that such body art has become fashionable, there is no small merit of the artist John Yui. For the Nike ad campaign, the girl adorned her face with transferable tattoos with the brand's logos. Since then, recognizable symbols on the skin have become her author's handwriting, which was used in their promotion by several more well-known companies.

By the way, a life hack for Instagram addicts: photos with hypertrophied logos perfectly raise the popularity of your profile on the social network. It is difficult to pass by a picture that literally oozes luxury, and not press the heart.

"Cotton" lips


Why paste over your lips with cotton wool painted in unrealistic shades? After all, this is inconvenient even at the weirdest themed party, and it will not save you from the cold outside. But some makeup artists don't really care when it comes to art. In the photographs, the lips in cotton look really unusual and make the girl look like a character in a science fiction film. And in general - anything you want, but not the lips of the devil from Braude!

Tinsel on eyelashes


You can create a New Year's mood at the height of summer in more effective ways - there is no need to cut the "rain" or a wig left over from a corporate party. This trend is not only impractical, but also harmful: tinsel can cause severe irritation or injury to the eye.

If you feel like giving it a try, use only false eyelash glue. It is ophthalmologically tested and is unlikely to cause allergies (unless you have very sensitive eyes). Better yet, replace tinsel with glitter or other cosmetic textures that shine just as well and are designed specifically for use on the eyes.

False nose hair


One of the wildest trends has its origins in Asia: local fashionistas have gotten used to sticking fake eyelashes into their noses. Yes, you heard right. This trend looks very strange, and it is clearly not worth repeating it even for the sake of a challenge on Instagram or Tik-Tok. So you can scare away subscribers!

It seems that the trend for thick eyebrows has already bored everyone, and wanted to try something new. Even before the appearance of the hairy-nosed challenge, model Sofia Khadzhipanteli launched the hashtag #UnibrowMovement on Instagram. Following the beauty with eyebrows fused on the bridge of her nose, girls with the same feature began to upload their photos without hesitation. Sofia wants people to stop being ashamed of their "flaws" and adjust their appearance to please the standards of beauty.

Unlike #UnibrowMovement, noses with artificial eyelashes glued into them have no social task - it's just fun. To epatate so to shock!

Lip augmentation with eyelash glue

What girls will not do in pursuit of lip volume! Now some people glue the upper lip to the skin under the nose with eyelash glue, creating the effect of twisted lips. And some people manage to glue both lips at the same time.

This method is, of course, much cheaper than injections, but it gives the face a strange and funny look. Although, if you overdo it with fillers, the effect will be about the same. If you want to make your lips more plump, try proven make-up tricks. For example, you can put a highlighter over the upper lip, use a lighter lipstick in the center of the lips and a darker shade around the edges, or use a gloss to add volume. It's both safe and it actually works.

"Fur" nails


Nail stylists from the USA launched a viral fashion: a manicure using pieces of faux fur glued to the nails. This trend emerged from the suggestion of Jan Arnold, the founder of the renowned nail polish company CND. To show one brand, she came up with the idea to paint the nails of models with a natural shade of varnish and glue pieces of fur over it.

Then the technique was repeated by manicurists all over the world.Sometimes such boyar luxury looks rather vulgar, but someone manages to balance on the verge of good taste. In any case, this is an odd trend that is unlikely to be practical in everyday wear.

Tooth-shaped nails


Apparently, some dentist decided to change jobs and become a manicure specialist. How else can you explain the very realistic teeth (with caries!) On the nails? This is a truly creepy trend that is difficult to look at without shuddering. Fortunately, no real teeth are used to create such a manicure. Phew, at least so!

Sunburn tattoos


Dermatologists are sounding the alarm: cases of such "creative" tattoos have become more frequent, which means that would-be mods have increased the risk of sunburn and cancer. The essence of the trend is simple: people apply a pattern made of paper (or sanskrin in a thick layer) to their bodies, and then they deliberately get a sunburn without applying a protective agent to other areas. You can see the result in the photo. Look, but don't repeat!

Colored teeth


Nobody wants to have yellowed teeth, but what about a multi-colored smile? An unusual trend has emerged on Instagram for teeth painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Girls choose a shade for makeup, and some decorate their teeth with stickers. Well, at least this is not a tooth piercing, which is much more expensive - in every sense.

Multi face makeup


An optical illusion in which a girl seems to have multiple faces is a very strange trend. It's hard not to admit that this kind of makeup requires a lot of skill, but it looks creepy and would only be appropriate for a Halloween party.

Eyebrow waves


The eyebrows have undergone the most wild experiments compared to other parts of the face. And eyebrow waves are probably not the worst of them, but it is difficult to call them aesthetic either. However, someone likes it.

Eyebrow shoes


Well, we told you! Again, in the struggle for the original image, the eyebrows suffer. The trend appeared on the Instagram account of Stefan Oskis, who is also the founder of another strange trend - fishtail eyebrows.

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