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Intimate yoni massage: what it is and why it can turn your life around
Intimate yoni massage: what it is and why it can turn your life around

The desire to improve the sexual sphere of life is familiar to almost every woman. Most approach the question in terms of achieving incredible skills. If we talk about taking care of ourselves, it is worth delving into spiritual practices. One of these is yoni massage. It helps to cope with sexual trauma and to know your body. You can also do it yourself!

Intimate yoni massage: what it is and why it can turn your life around

Women's sexuality remains a complex topic. Our fantasies do not always coincide with reality. And the main, permanent reason for this is the lack of the necessary degree of emancipation.

Everything is used to become bolder: from toys and adult films to going to sex trainings. But does this help to achieve the necessary goal? Perhaps you think that it is. But supporters of spiritual sexual currents believe that not quite.

The techniques associated with the awakening of sexuality are usually aimed specifically at physical sensations. They teach you how to achieve pleasure quite effectively, but at the same time they do not affect internal sensations in any way and do not take into account the fact why you have this or that complex. Followers of tantric (spiritual) sexual teachings are sure: only the physical approach to sex and the study of oneself is too narrow and does not allow experiencing all those facets of pleasure, rather than with other techniques. He does not work at all on the sexual traumas that each of us has, whether it be an uncomfortable visit to a gynecologist or an experience of violence.

One of the trending techniques of progressive sexual cognition today is yoni massage. In Sanskrit, "yoni" means "secret place" - and here we are talking about the vagina.

Yoni massage is a special technique of influencing the genitals, in which a woman gets to know her body better, heals from genital trauma and gains the opportunity to have deeper orgasms. Or orgasms in general.

It is believed that after yoni massage you will never treat yourself as before. It helps to love yourself and evaluate sex differently. And it also properly relaxes the intimate muscles in order to get more sensations - precisely from penetration, and not clitoral techniques for achieving orgasm.

How does it go?

The yoni session lasts about 2-3 hours, and during this time the craftswoman (yes, usually this massage is done by women, because it is very exciting to entrust men with such a mission) conducts a multi-stage acquaintance with her client. No one will crawl under your clothes right away - perhaps it won't even come to that! First, you will get to know each other and talk, go to the right wave of understanding. It is important for the master to realize your desires, clamps and traumas - and be sure to speak them out.

Only after that, if the session has not yet expired, and you have the desire and readiness, the master will offer you a full body massage. And then, with permission, the effect will begin in the intimate zone. It won't necessarily bring you arousal or violent orgasm. But for sure - an understanding of the physiology of your organs and their capabilities, which you could not even guess.

Of course, such loud promises instantly awaken the desire to try yoni on yourself. But even if you are already ready to surrender into the hands of a craftswoman, it will not be easy to find her. True yoni massage in our country is practiced by a limited number of people. And the recording for them is very dense, because those who have tried it once are no longer afraid of anything and again and again decide on such special sessions!

With your own hands


It is believed that yoni massage can be performed on oneself. This type is even called mindful masturbation.And here it is also not necessarily about achieving bliss. Your main goal will be to know your body.

Learning to do Yoni massage is not easy and training is really required. But you will try this practice on yourself without worry. After all, no matter how we describe all the delights of the technique, it is very, very difficult to really decide on such a massage for an unfamiliar woman.

On YouTube, you can find a considerable number of videos detailing the techniques of such a massage. There are also online courses aimed at detailed instruction in self-directed yoni. They will teach you not only to work with your hands, but also with your head: detect various attitudes and psychotraumas, analyze the responses of the body and, of course, love yourself. And only then bodily practices, which are based on the effect on the vagina with the help of certain presses, strokes and finger insertions, will be connected to the matter.

It is believed that yoni massage can be included in sex life with a regular partner, but only after you yourself get to know yourself as much as possible with the help of this practice. And no, this is not another manual technique that will drain your inner resource, but make you convulse from orgasm. This is what should bring you and your partner closer together, strengthen your feelings and understanding! By the way, yoni massage also has a male counterpart - lingam massage. Take it on board!

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