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The choice of queens: what spirits conquered Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton
The choice of queens: what spirits conquered Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

The royal persons prepare for the wedding day, thinking over every detail - the protocol obliges. The only independent choice of future queens is a fragrance that will forever remain for them a symbol of the most important day in their lives. What did the heiress of the British crown choose?

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

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For a long time Kate did not reveal her passion in perfumery, but recently admitted that she never cheats on her favorite brand Illuminum - it is practically nowhere, except in Britain, an unknown brand that produces mono fragrances. On her wedding day with Prince William, Keith chose White Gardenia Petals perfume - delicate, light and very aristocratic.


An interesting detail: at Kate's personal request, Westminster Abbey was set with candles on the wedding day by Jo Malone - the future Duchess of Cambridge personally selected the scents and settled on Orange Blossom orange blossom, Grapefruit and Lime citrus and the original combination of Basil and Mandarin Basil and Mandarin.

Princess Diana

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Princess Diana and other stars known for their scandalous statements

In 1995, Princess Diana spoke with BBC journalist Martin Bashir, which provoked a huge scandal. She stated that there were originally three people in their marriage to Charles, hinting at his longtime lover Camilla Parker-Bowles. The Princess of Wales spoke openly about her depression, bulimia, anxiety and despair - topics that were taboo by default for members of the royal family.

Diana attached special importance to fragrances: she was sure that they could bring good luck or bring trouble. On her wedding day, Lady Dee opted for the rare Quelques Fleurs from Houbigant Paris, and applied it not only to the skin, but also to the dress, so that notes of citrus, jasmine, lilac and carnation envelop her in an enchanting haze. The scent cloud did not go unnoticed: the journalists organized a whole investigation to find out what kind of "magic smell" accompanied the princess on her wedding day. The fragrance is still on sale today and after the discovery of the secret of Princess Diana, it is incredibly popular in the UK and beyond.

Queen Elizabeth

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On her wedding day, the future Queen of Great Britain chose a perfume that symbolizes the empire itself: Floris perfumers have been producing perfumes for the royal court for centuries. The queen did not voice the details, and most of the subjects were sure that she preferred the scent of her favorite flowers - carnations. However, later Queen Elizabeth admitted that this scent seemed too banal to her for a wedding, and she decided to use the White Rose scent - it sounded more elegant and solemn.

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