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Fragrances that sound especially beautiful in late autumn: 10 new fragrances
Fragrances that sound especially beautiful in late autumn: 10 new fragrances

In the cold season, it is very important to surround yourself with cozy things so that the world around you does not seem so sad and rainy. We recommend starting with a perfume, because in such weather the compositions are revealed brighter than usual!

Fragrances that sound especially beautiful in late autumn: 10 new fragrances

We have collected 10 aromatic novelties for every taste and budget, among which you will definitely find something interesting for yourself. Article Contents 1. Replica, Autumn Vibes, Maison Margiela 2. Angel Nova EDT, Mugler 3. Amber Musk, Aerin 4. Narghile, Mine 5. The Monet Collection Artistique, Avon 6. Ombre Leather, Tom Ford 7. Oriental Flower, Stellary 8. Angels' Share, Kilian 9. Roman Wood, Zegna 10. Bonus Hide

Late autumn is the right time to choose a new scent. Right now, when the cold weather has come, the perfumes sound the most pure. They are not disturbed by the heat, the smell of flowering plants and many other factors that cannot be avoided. In addition, during this period, you can taste intense aromas and not be afraid that they will be too intrusive. The perfect moment, and we've already picked our favorites for it. Meet them!

Replica, Autumn Vibes, Maison Margiela


A real ode to autumn that sounds so realistic that you will be drawn to go and contemplate the fallen leaves. Autumn Vibes smells of wood and moss, acorns and yellowed grass. And - quite a bit! - bonfires. And also nutmeg and pink pepper, which bring energy and warmth to this composition.

Angel Nova EDT, Mugler


However, you don't have to focus on the wilting of nature. You can, on the contrary, cheer up and defuse the cold space with a bright berry composition.

Last summer, Mugler launched Angel Nova, a sweet raspberry and lychee fragrance. The story was continued right now, and a new product appeared on store shelves - a bottle-star with the same recognizable fruit and berry flavor, but with cool notes of bergamot and cedar in the composition. Now this eau de toilette has become even more versatile, fresher and more piquant - and is ready to burst into your life!

Amber Musk, Aerin


"Amber Musk is a warm, attractive scent that makes you want to wrap yourself up like a cozy and soft blanket on a snowy winter night," Erin Lauder herself describes her perfume creation. And as you probably already understood, the "main character" here is amber, which is clearly audible, although framed by flowers and musk. And also gentle coconut milk sounds here, which gives the composition juiciness and exoticism.

Narghile, Mine


Tobacco is one of the most autumnal accords that will appeal to both women and men. In this composition, he is played up with a very unusual bouquet, from honey and vanilla to rose and red currant. Such a combination will not only warm, but also set the right mood for your autumn, so that you finally fall in love with it and do not consider it the most rainy season:)

The Monet Collection Artistique, Avon


Beauty giant Avon decided to devote this fall to unusual combinations and creativity. The new Artistique perfume line was created by world-class perfumers and includes three fragrances with multifaceted bouquets. One of them is dedicated to the coming spring - but let's leave it for later:) But the other two are warm, rich compositions with a bright heart and a rich base, in which chypre, rose, iris, vanilla and other notes with a warming and lasting effect sound.

Ombre Leather, Tom Ford


This sensual scent is inspired by the hot desert and the rare plants that survive in it. Ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose evoke thoughts of the sun and warmth, make you dream of the distant. Ideal for those who still do not want to look for pluses in the autumn weather and finally get warm.

Oriental Flower, Stellary


The domestic beauty brand Stellary is now experimenting on the perfumery field, developing affordable selective fragrances. And there is an option for late autumn in their collection! In this composition you will hear the warm accords you already know - jasmine, amber, wood and musk. But the distinctive feature of Oriental Flower lies in the note of saffron, which makes this fragrance even more intense, fragrant and feminine.

Angels' Share, Kilian


Oak absolute, cinnamon, praline and vanilla. It would seem that this scent already contains all the delights of autumn. But the main secret here is in the cognac essence, which makes the composition warm and caramel. And, importantly, it is resistant and loop-back.

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Roman Wood, Zegna


And this unisex scent is perfect for cases when you want to feel the atmosphere of an autumn forest - with centuries-old trees, rainy coolness and haze hanging over the world. Bergamot, cypress, pine and cedar harmoniously merge and reveal their facets, opening the way for accent amber - sunny, warming and so unlike all other accords.


Home scent Amsterdam, Tonka Perfumes


In the fall, we rarely go outside, preferring long walks to home comfort. In such cases, home fragrances work great, which give a mood to the space, relax or, conversely, energize.

Home weather: interior fragrances that will make your autumn cozy

This fall we especially liked the scent from Tonka Perfumes, dedicated to the old center of Europe - Holland, or rather, Amsterdam. The herbaceous composition opens - you won't believe it! - spicy cannabis, and then smoothly flows into a mixture of caraway seeds, pink pepper, eucalyptus and grapefruit. Yes, this is a very daring and daring composition. But why not? Especially when you so want to feel the unusual atmosphere!

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