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Plunge into summer: 17 fragrances with the smell of the sea for you and him
Plunge into summer: 17 fragrances with the smell of the sea for you and him

To plunge into the atmosphere of vacation, you do not have to fly to the coast - after all, the whole ocean can fit in a bottle of your favorite perfume. The main thing is to choose your favorite option, reminiscent of the boundless water surface. Before you - the most sensual aromas with the scent of the sea.

Sea salt

Marine scents can be passionate too! Both the limited tandem Eternity Summer, where the couple flirts with each other, and the sweet Vanilla Vibes have notes of sea salt that create a seductive glow.

  • Vanilla Vibes, Juliette Has a Gun
  • Eternity Summer, Calvin Klein for him
  • Eternity Summer, Calvin Klein for her

Oceanic notes

Feel the light notes of the sea breeze during the day … why not, if today you "put on" a fragrance with oceanic notes. You can be transported to the sunny atmosphere of the Cote d'Azur, you can soar over the sea surface of the ocean, shimmering in the sun. Or walk barefoot on the sea pebbles?

  • Paris-Riveira Les Eaux de Chanel, Chanel
  • Epice Marine, Hermes
  • The Excelsior Bouquet, Atkinsons

For you and for him

Marine fragrances are a unisex story. First, boundless freedom and a feeling of exciting freshness cannot be divided into masculine and feminine. Secondly, this is a great excuse to "steal" his boyfriend's scent, at least for one day.

  • Bigarade Concentree, Frederic Malle
  • Fleur de Foudre, Pierre Guillaume Paris
  • Aqva Pour Homme, Bvlgari
  • Perl Rare Black Edition, Panouge
  • Baroque necklace with cashe pearl, LAV'Z

Lying in the sand

Rest by the sea is not only a meeting with salty waves, but also warm white sand, lying on which it is so pleasant to relax under the sun's rays … Choose the right scent and go to the mysterious Middle East or the tropical Caribbean.

  • Bergamote 22, Le Labo
  • Timeless Sands, The Woods Collection
  • Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz, Guerlain
  • Le Sel de la Terre, Thomas Kosmala

Holiday by the water

Sometimes you want to add a little juicy and bright fruit to the fresh sea notes - so that you get a festive tandem. If you want more lightness, replace the perfume with a mist with aquatic notes - now Thalgo has one.

  • Hydrating Body Mist, Thalgo
  • Festival Splash Woman, Mexx
  • Festival Splash Man, Mexx
  • Bag, Lipault

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