Summer, don't go: 8 perfumes with notes of peony
Summer, don't go: 8 perfumes with notes of peony

We're not sure if there are people in the world who don't like the scent of peony. At least for us it is the smell of happiness and summer! And let him stay with us in any season. Choose which of the peonies is yours!

Summer, don't go: 8 perfumes with notes of peony Chantal Ross

Chantal Ross Perfume, co-owner of the Roos & Roos brand

Weightlessness is very important for summer scents. This is the characteristic that floral aromas most often possess, among which two subtypes can be distinguished. The first is mononot. True, what many people think is a "simple" scent is often the most complex formula that gives this pure sound. The second subtype is a bouquet in which different flowers sound. Such a composition can have gentle, intense, sweet, fresh and even tangy notes. That is why any floral scent must be appropriate at a certain time of the year and at a certain occasion.


Everyone loves peonies. This flower is very fond of perfumers not only because of its beauty, but also because of its varieties and the ability to be friends with different notes: the peony goes well with other flowers, fruits and berries, for example, with jasmine, roses, patchouli, raspberries, pears, black currants or lily of the valley.

Sympathy For The Sun, Roos & Roos

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This scent can take you to the shores of the French Riviera. Why exactly there? The history of the name of the fragrance dates back to the Rolling Stones hit Sympathy For The Sun, recorded in the south of France. Summer is felt both in the musical composition and in the perfumery: the aroma contains bergamot, lemon, peonies and damp salted wood.

Acqua di Gioia, Giorgio Armani


The bouquet of this scent will take you to the crystal freshness of the rainforest, but not overwhelm you with its harshness. Quite the opposite: the soft and exhilarating composition creates a relaxed, dreamy mood thanks to a delicate peony that unfolds in the company of sparkling lemon and hot pink pepper.

Peony & Blush Suede, Jo Malone London


An innocent and fresh note of juicy red apple opens the composition with fruity notes. It is picked up by gentle accords of honey, peony and delicate young greenery. Lush florals are complemented by the softness of pink suede, transforming the fragrance into an ode to sensuality and luxury.

Gold, Emanuel Ungaro


Beneath the golden elegance of the bottle is a playful fantasy composition. The top notes of the fragrance are bright fruity notes of black currant and mandarin. And the peony, together with gardenia and jasmine, add tenderness and sophistication to the overall sound.

Les Belles De Nina Nina, Nina Ricci


Our beloved "apple" never ceases to bathe in the rays of glory! This symbol of youth, carelessness and sensuality is simply impossible not to love, because it is able to awaken a romantic mood and energize. In the top notes there is a refreshing sourness of lime, and closer to the heart, a juicy green apple, doused with viscous caramel, is heard more and more clearly. It is this that forms a tandem with sweet peony at the very heart of the fragrance.

Lust In Paradise, Ex Nihilo


Lust In Paradise reveals all the facets of a modern woman, revealing first with the joyful freshness of lychee, then with honey peony, and then with the rich resinous cedar. Notes with an aphrodisiac effect, represented by animal musk, make the perfume not only romantic in spring, but also incredibly sexy!

Kenzo World, Kenzo


Another bright talking symbol, known to every fashionista, is the famous Kenzo "eye". Daring and attractive at the same time, it expresses the idea of ​​the creators of eau de toilette - a call to boldly express yourself and look at the world from your own, special perspective. The main roles of the composition, of course, are peony, as well as dizzying notes of jasmine and original shades of ambroxan.

Noa, Cacharel


According to the idea of ​​the French brand, in the light breath of eau de toilette lies the story of a beautiful girl named Noa. This bright heroine overcomes all the hardships of modern life, preserving the original charm and tenderness. The girl's sincere kindness and spiritual purity are expressed in touching floral and fruity accords. Namely - in a combination of white peony, plum and peach. In the heart notes are lily of the valley and jasmine enveloped in fresh greenery. Well, the “aftertaste” is invigorating coffee and sweet vanilla, which remain a weightless trail.

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