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TikTok Cat Eye Makeup: 45 million views. It's a hit
TikTok Cat Eye Makeup: 45 million views. It's a hit

Let's face it: TikTok is our source of insights into how to look, what to wear, and how to do something. Often this is something completely new, but sometimes Tiktokers rethink long-standing tendencies: on the eve of autumn 2021, the well-known fashionable cat-eye makeup suddenly took off to the top. only not in a classical version, but in a completely unusual one. And we like it!

TikTok Cat Eye Makeup: 45 million views. It's a hit!

The classic "cat's eye" is also called "Cleopatra's makeup".


Like most beauty trends, this one has been especially popular in the Middle East, South Asia and parts of Africa for centuries. But the real popularity came to cat eye makeup in the 1950s, when a liquid eyeliner was developed that held well on the eyelids and was not toxic to the eyes. The new trend was highly appreciated by Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and behind them - all women in the world, because then there were not so many style icons as there were opportunities to have various cosmetics. "Cat's Eye" finally became a classic when the great Brigitte Bardot chose this make-up style as her signature one, and has not changed it to this day.


After the onset of the hippie era, the "arrows" were forgotten for a long time, except that Twiggy appeared with this makeup, but in general, for the "broad masses" this era is associated with shadows and the boom of red lipstick. It wasn't until the beginning of the 21st century that cat's eye began to regain ground when makeup artists offered this style to celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. Effective, catchy and pretentious! The trend remained among the most relevant for many years, and even claimed the title of "new classic" eye makeup, but the emerging fashion for comfort, naturalness and naturalness in everything slightly displaced it from the pedestal. And now - a new twist! On the round of love for everything outdated, grandmother's dresses, hairstyles "like those of a mother in her youth" and artificially aged things that look like real vintage, a young, unfamiliar tribe came, which took - and overturned this trend. Overturned completely: in the literal sense. Let's tell you now.

Recently, TikToker @paintedbyspencer posted a video with its new image, and TikTok exploded: videos with master classes and step-by-step instructions collect millions of views, and their authors - millions of subscribers. For the record, the hashtag #reversecateye currently has 41.5 million views, so it looks like the popular trend will continue. Frankly, we were pretty skeptical about the idea of ​​inverted arrows, but looked closely … And, perhaps, this is really cool.

What is the fundamental difference between the new makeup and the old one? It is "upside down". That is, the arrow (and hence the main emphasis) goes to the lower eyelid, while the upper one can be left completely "naked" or draw a thin line along the base of the eyelashes, but in no case more than that.


So, now let's go step by step

You will need:

- eyeliner, - blending brush, - flat brush, - liquid eyeliner.

Step 1: Apply eyeliner just below the lower lash line - literally a millimeter - and draw an arrow so that it goes to the inner corner of the eye, where the tear ducts are. (For advanced users, draw the arrow further just beyond the inner crease of the eyelid for a more dramatic look.)

Step 2: Take a blending brush and lightly smudge the edges of the line to get a smoky effect. If you think the color has become too pale, apply a second layer with the same pencil and repeat the shading.

Step 3: Finish the look with a flat brush and liquid liner: the arrow should have a pronounced gradient. The final touch is mascara, contrasting or matching the arrows.

Look, it will be clearer this way:

And the usual "cat's eye" is no longer "worn"?

The regular "cat-eye" is a classic that we can always count on, while the inverted "cat-eye" is a cutting edge hit, but whether it will take root is still a big question. On the other hand, do you remember that we recently wrote about trends that everyone at first made fun of, and then began to follow them with no less fanaticism? Who said that in this case everything will be different? Nobody.

The classic cat-eye look is perfect for a casual look (and doesn't require too much effort). Therefore, if you prefer a minimalistic approach, you can stick to the classic version of "cat's eye". But if you want to try a new style for an evening with friends, a date at dinner with your partner, or a big event, we strongly advise you to practice in advance: for example, on the first try we got some kind of sinister dead or Halloween makeup, not makeup. It seems that everything is simple, but not in practice … so do not risk it if you are not sure that a make-up artist is sleeping inside you.

Yes, we almost forgot

Among the hundreds of videos we watched, there was not a single one where a successfully executed "reverse cat's eye" would not suit the model's face. Surprisingly, this makeup suits any eye shape, size and shape! You probably already guessed why: our eyes look different due to the shape and anatomical features of the upper eyelids, and the lower ones are the same for everyone! Here's @mikaylanoguiera's tiktok for inspiration.

So in the "cat family" replenishment. With which we all congratulate!

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