Don't believe it, don't do it: folk tips and recipes from the web that don't work
Don't believe it, don't do it: folk tips and recipes from the web that don't work

Fighting quackery is a thankless task, but once we have begun, we will continue. Today we will tell you the truth about popular recipes in the field of cosmetology, which are "shared" by stars and ordinary users.

Don't believe it, don't do it: folk tips and recipes from the web that don't work Max-Adam Scherer

Max-Adam Scherer plastic surgeon, specialist in minimally invasive surgery for rejuvenation, dermatocosmetologist

“It's surprising that someone believes that everything can be that simple. Why open laboratories, teach cosmetologists - I smeared my chest with iodine, and it increased, applied zinc ointment to my face, and it became flawless! These are myths. Popular advice from the web does not work, and often does harm. I read them, laughed, was horrified, even classified the "recipes" and propose to sort it out in order.

Contrast douche does not cure cellulite

There are "simple" tips. For example, a contrast shower. Recommended by Internet "experts" to combat stretch marks and cellulite. A contrast shower will not remove cellulite and stretch marks. But at least it won't hurt, if, of course, you follow the sequence, and don't start with swimming in the ice hole.

The method of accustoming the body to cooler water ensures the stability of the body in patients with vegetative-vascular dystonia who react to changes in the weather. Hardening acts on vascular motility and even on the psyche, teaching them to deal with difficulties. But not on the skin.

Another, often met recommendation - to wash your face with ice cubes - is generally categorically contraindicated for sensitive skin.

Home scrubs are also simple and ineffective, which, as the Internet promises, will remove stretch marks. The scrub scrubs, that is, removes dead skin cells. And stretch marks are internal "micro-breaks" of the skin. Grinding techniques - from primitive, homemade, salt, coffee, or crushed apricot pits to advanced laser technology - are powerless. Gaps should be filled, not sanded. Micro-filling techniques that get rid of stretch marks are skin boosters or the introduction of your own fat cells. If there are a lot of stretch marks and the skin is badly damaged, then such a cosmetic defect is subject to surgical removal - abdominoplasty or surgical breast augmentation.

Folk recipes should be left in the past

Another type of advice is “folk recipes”. Infusion of nettle, wormwood, flax seeds, hop cones - I read that you need to drink one of these decoctions for a month in order to increase the breast by one size. I really want to see at least one girl who has "grown" her breasts, even half a size, thanks to the decoctions. I haven’t seen it yet and I cannot comment.

Iodine grid in occultism

The third type of advice is the non-standard use of known substances. For example, iodine net and mustard plasters for breast augmentation. And there is nothing to comment on - it's just occultism! Only experiments with iodine is a dangerous business, there is a risk of problems with the thyroid gland. I also read that Mumiyo tablets are advised for stretch marks - a drug that has been used for a hundred years to treat all diseases, but it has not cured a single one. Therefore, we send the mummy after the hop cones.

Mythological pros and real cons of hemorrhoid cream

The next type of advice is the most dangerous. These are recommendations to replace cosmetic preparations with medicines.

How are these myths born? We take a cream that fights puffiness and dark circles, look at the composition. We see that active ingredients are added there - extracts of green tea, ginkgo biloba, caffeine and others.And we come to the conclusion, why not take a cheaper product that contains some of these components, and smear them on your eyes? There are such remedies, they treat venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Those who come up with such a replacement are taking on too much responsibility. People believe they apply a hemorrhoid cream around the eyes, they even notice the effect. But with prolonged use, there is a high risk of getting terrible consequences.

One patient of mine took advantage of this advice. Due to intensive study, she, a student, developed a slight swelling and fatigue of the skin around her eyes. She googled, found out how to solve her problem cheap and cheerful, and started using some kind of cream. This twenty-year-old girl came to my appointment with the skin around the eyes of a 50-year-old woman - regular therapy led to an allergic process that caused premature aging. I had to unwind the ball as long as it was winding to help her.

Another time, a very beautiful girl of about 30 years old came to the reception. When she washed her face and took off the tone, I saw the face of a man "without skin." The face was solid vascular networks and resembled, excuse me, a steak. Even in her youth, this girl read a recipe that an ointment containing hormonal drugs transforms. These hormones are used to relieve allergic reactions, and even, white and glowing skin is a side effect. My patient's fascination with the "magic" ointment lasted almost 10 years, during which the skin, under the influence of hormones, passed into a state of atrophy. At some stage, the patient wanted to give up the ointment, but could not: the withdrawal of the drug caused a violent reaction of inflammation. The girl went to the doctors, and they just shrugged. I took up treatment. I canceled the drug and began to gradually restore all skin parameters. Of course, I achieved some result, but the skin did not fully recover.

Hemorrhoid cream, zinc ointment, heparin ointment, panthenol and other means - all of this is not created for cosmetology, these are medicines. Do not trust simple advice - its side effects are difficult to predict and cure. Do not get fooled by the "revelations" of the stars - perhaps they just do not want to talk about the secret thread lift.

Beauty is not for experimentation, young skin will endure a lot, but not everything!"

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