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Let's face it: 10 best styles for straight hair of any length
Let's face it: 10 best styles for straight hair of any length

If you think that absolutely straight hair can be styled in two ways: loose or collect, save this material for yourself. We are sure it will come in handy!

Let's face it: 10 best styles for straight hair of any length

Retro style is everywhere: and hairstyles for long hair are no exception. Let us recall the key words for creating a fashionable image in the coming autumn-winter season: hairpins, rhinestones, velvet, hair bands, ribbons, massive decor, simplicity of lines, geometry, clarity, smoothness. Look at the photos and make sure: in the most spectacular and stylish looks you will find at least one element, and in some - all at once!

High school girl

styling with hairpins

Parting straight and two hairpins so that the strands do not interfere with writing the test: which of us mathematician didn’t say “get your hair off the notebook”? And today this hairstyle is one of the most relevant. True, we would like to introduce some adjustments: it will be cooler if you give preference to contrasting hairpins, so that it is obvious that they are an accessory, and not just a way to fix hair. By the way, there are interesting options here.

Weaving with a lace

styling with braiding Image

Bella Hadid and other stars who took revenge on their ex

After Bella Hadid's ex-boyfriend The Weeknd began dating Selena Gomez, she decided not to be sad at home alone, but to act. The star appeared at the Dior event in a completely transparent dress, which is still considered one of her sexiest outfits. It is not surprising that after some time the musician regretted his decision and returned to his beloved again - he could not resist such beauty.

Let's not pretend that this is the easiest styling in the world, but the result, you must admit, is very spectacular. Take a lace or leather hair band. Then fold a thick section of hair back from the left temple, securing it with an invisible elastic band like a ponytail. Do the same on the right side. Hold the ends of the ponytails with one hand, and wrap the lace around them with the other.


image of pocahontas

Parting straight from the forehead to the neck: the main thing is that it turns out to be even! Now, straighten your hair to a flawless smoothness, simply place it on your shoulders in front.

Bangs corner

oblique bangs

Lay thick, beveled bangs to one side: you already know that bangs are back in fashion, and the more asymmetrical, the better? So, there is also a fashionable trick: the bangs are a couple of tones darker than the bulk of the hair. That's more interesting!

Hair back

classic styling for straight hair

The simplest styling, for which you need to apply a smoothing mousse or spray to your hair, comb thoroughly and form a single mass of hair, not forgetting about the asymmetry: style them, leaving the more advantageous side of the face "naked".

Pixie in a circle

pixie haircut

It used to be fashionable to ruffle pixies, today it's the other way around: smooth it down and lay it down with "feathers". It is especially impressive in a set with a little fanciful hairpins in rhinestones.

Low ponytail

ponytail hairstyle

Remember the right parting! By the way, this hairstyle is very easy to turn into an evening one if you twist the tail with a wide satin ribbon.


hairstyle malvinka

The hairstyle of our childhood is back in fashion, and in the same carelessly romantic design: gather the top strands with a thick elastic band (yes, the velvet accordion is also back) and slightly ruffle.

Perfect bob

bob haircut

All hair on one side, smooth it down, apply varnish more reliably: retro style and modern shape in this case form an impeccable duet.


hair clip

We think there is no need to explain how to do it, take into account only one detail: the barrette should be contrasting and thin, like an arrow. We will see massive hairpins, but in a different style.


voluminous tail

The elastic bands can be in the tone of the hair or contrasting, the key point here is that the tail itself should not be fluffy, but lie as a single "sausage", forgive the non-glamorous comparison.

Unlined cascade

hairstyle cascade

A torn haircut, which in the 90s we would have laid in spectacular layers falling on top of each other, in the 21st century turns into a lazy person's dream: dry it and go.

Ets Tips

styling bob

Stylists of the early 2000s would have laughed to tears if they saw a girl with a similar styling: “the ends out” were branded a redneck … Who would have thought that 20 years later this hairstyle would return again, and even with triumph?

Divide in half

parted styling

Style half of the hair, tucking it behind the ears, fix it with elastic bands under the free mass, and cover the rest: it couldn't be easier! And you'll be like Bella Hadid.

Crown tail

hairstyles high ponytail

It's also easy: most importantly, do not forget to disguise the elastic by wrapping your own strand around the base of the tail. Isn't it Ariana Grande?

Bob with a broken part

bob parting

To the top of the head - to the left, after - to the right. Well, and where can we go without the ubiquitous hairpins - visible! Well, the truth is, calling them invisible is somehow silly.

Velvet bow

styling with bow

Pay attention: stylists use a smooth, neat, and at the same time not too voluminous tail-"sausage" in a variety of interpretations of styling on straight hair. In this case, the hairstyle does not look boring thanks to the velvet ribbon decor.

Mega bezel

styling with rim

And again bob-tips-out. But the main role in this styling is played by the bezel with hypertrophied huge pearls: the case when kitsch turns into chic.

Super length and slightly to the left

hairstyle long tail

If your hair is that long and chic, you are good at any style. But try this one, your own strand is wound around the base of the tail for as long as possible, and the very tip curls slightly. To the left - well, this is how we are. You can and to the right.

Half tail

hairstyle for long hair half ponytail

It is not difficult to do the hairstyle itself, but with straightening your hair, if your hair is not flawless by nature, you will have to sweat: this styling betrays the slightest carelessness.

Which hairstyle did you like the most, and which one would you not do for anything?

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