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7 unexpected hair hacks that will change your life
7 unexpected hair hacks that will change your life

Beautiful hair is easier than you think, if you not only take care of it, but also know a few tricky life hacks. Some of them are very strange!

7 unexpected hair hacks that will change your life

Rinsing with beer

This secret of beautiful hair was recently shared by Anna Evers, but in fact, your grandmother still owned the secret. The bottom line is that beer is the best conditioner for hair. It gives hair a shine that no conditioner has ever dreamed of! True, to use for home hair care you need not bottled, but "live" beer - it contains more natural brewer's yeast, which is so useful for our hair. Don't be afraid of the unpleasant odor - if you rinse your hair with beer and then rinse it with water after washing, no one will feel anything. However, if you are afraid of an undesirable aroma, it is better to just drink it. Not so great for hair care, but for mood it is.

Face cream moisturizes the ends

There are many great products that can restore dry ends, but a regular moisturizer can do just as well. It contains elements that are able to saturate with moisture not only the skin, but also the hair! But remember that for home hair care, non-greasy, light textures such as gels are best suited. Apply a drop of the product to your palms, rub and distribute through the hair. Firstly, you will get rid of frizz, and secondly, you will make the dry ends visually healthier and shinier.

Black tea instead of hairspray

Regular tea is able to replace light fixation varnish without causing any harm to your hair. How to take care of your hair at home? Brew two tablespoons of black tea with a glass of boiling water, pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray on the curls. The hairstyle will really last longer! Both the economy and the hair will thank you.

Mayonnaise as a conditioner

No, we didn’t come up with this weird life hack ourselves! For a while, dressing your head with mayonnaise is as generous as an Olivier salad, suggests the actress Blake Lively. And she doesn't just suggest - she always does it! Instead of using the usual conditioner after washing, Blake applies mayonnaise to his luxurious, by the way, hair. Here is a product for hair beauty. There is one important point - it is better not to buy it in the store, but to cook it yourself. This will require 2 egg yolks, 50 ml of olive oil, 1 tbsp. spoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of mustard. Proceed with this mixture in the same way as with a regular conditioner: spread over the entire length, paying special attention to the ends and without affecting the root zone.


Blake Lively and other figure-watching stars

Blake attracts attention not only with talent, but also with magnificent forms. But three years ago, the star became a mother for the second time! Well, Lively knows exactly how not to get better. If you think that Lively is on a diet, we will disappoint you: the actress practically does not limit herself in nutrition. True, this is more than offset by physical activity. The star works out in the gym with a personal trainer, often trains on her own in the fresh air. By the way, to questions about appearance, Blake answers succinctly: "For me, beauty is how you feel." Apparently, the actress is doing great with this.

Thermal water - a source of moisture

During the day, moisture is necessary not only for your skin, but also for your hair, especially if you work in an office and do not have a humidifier. However, the problem can be solved in an elementary way: spray thermal water along the entire length of the hair, and soon you will completely forget about the dryness of your hair.This hair care method is especially suitable for girls who want their hair to curl - you probably know that moisture can create a slight wave.

Toothbrush plus hairspray

What is the best way to care for your hair? If you are a fan of a perfectly smooth ponytail, then this life hack should make your life much easier. Instead of spraying hairspray on your head, creating a not very aesthetic effect of dirty hair, apply the product to a toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth, of course!) And smooth out all loose hairs in this way. By the way, this is the method used by models during filming, so that a smooth hairstyle looks perfect.

Powder to freshen up your hair

This often happens - in the morning the head still looks clean, but by the evening it seems not entirely fresh. If your hair looks a little greasy, and you still have a lot of plans for the evening, ordinary compact powder can save the situation! Using a large brush, apply the powder to the roots of your hair, then comb to remove any residue. Above all, do not forget to thoroughly wash your brush with soap and water afterwards before using it on your face, otherwise you will have to carefully study Cosmo's articles on how to get rid of acne.

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