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Fashionable coloring: expert stylist gives advice to yourself and your master
Fashionable coloring: expert stylist gives advice to yourself and your master

When changes require not only the heart, but also the hair, forward this article to your colorist. And friends too!

What colors will be at the peak of popularity in the coming autumn and how to turn your color into a super fashionable one, says the technologist of the company Paul Mittchell.

It is known that any woman who follows fashion, first of all, demonstrates competent care of her hair. It is very important not only to get the right haircut, you also need the right technique for fashionable hair coloring in 2021.

Fashionable coloring: balayage, ombre and sombre instead of classic highlights

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Some 80s trends do make a comeback, but not highlights. Many complex stains have been at their peak for several seasons. And they do not plan to give up their positions. Fashionable hair coloring in 2021 adheres to the classic technique.

Balayage for blondes: 30 spectacular ideas for fashionable coloring

Balayage, ombre and sombre are collecting entire fan clubs faster than some Hollywood stars. Therefore, there are no abrupt transitions in hair coloring. Warm and delicate caramel highlights on the hair will soften the facial features, add volume to the hair and add lightness to the whole look. And, of course, they will not let you forget about the warm summer days and the play of "sun bunnies" in your hair.

Balayage on dark hair: 30 awesome ideas

Fashionable dyeing for medium hair - in this case, fashion trends are advised to adhere to the same recommendations. Balayazh will effectively accentuate the hairstyle with this hair length.

Moving from dark to light instead of tone-on-tone: the trendiest color


Say no to classic one-tone stains. Hair coloring has received new fashion trends today. Classics don't have to be boring. Ask the artist to leave the roots dark and create a slow and natural transition to the light ends. This technique will add depth to color, hair - volume, and your image - lightness and ease.

This option is also suitable for those who want to change something in their appearance, but are not ready for radical changes. And who said that fashionable dyeing cannot be done on short hair? Numerous techniques allow you to change hair color not only for long curls, but also for short haircuts. Moreover, such staining does not take much time and allows you to visit the hairdresser much less often, because the regrowth of the roots is not so noticeable.

Fashionable dyeing for dark hair is a maximum of possibilities for imagination. A dark palette can have many unique options for combining colors and shades.

Leave a couple of blonde strands on your face: trendy coloring for brunettes


Another option for brunettes. Leave some lighter strands on the face. This will brighten the skin beautifully and add volume to fine hair. A nice bonus - light shades visually reduce age. Fashionable coloring for brunettes allows not only to refresh the appearance, but also helps to rejuvenate. This dyeing technique is also suitable for those who are afraid to ruin their hair, but have always wanted to be a blonde. Fashionable blond coloring is one of the most popular techniques this season.

Fashionable dyeing for long hair in this case will make the image more elegant, feminine and sophisticated.

Noble copper together with fiery red: fashionable coloring for golden-haired women


Goldilocks, and this advice is for you. Do you want to look bright, but noble at the same time? Give preference to copper hair shades! Perhaps this is the most fashionable female coloration. The "copper" in the hair is the biggest discovery of the season, it will look great in the coming "golden autumn".

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This shade will make the face brighter and more expressive and add to the image the touching defenselessness inherent in young girls. Fashionable coloring is a must for the bangs as well.

Cold blond instead of honey shades: trendy coloring for blondes


It's time for blonde beauties to cool off a little after hot days. Hair coloring in 2021 has its own fashion trends regarding blonde. A safe bet is cold blond. This will add sophistication and noble sophistication to the look. And of course compliments are guaranteed. Try to stock up on a special shampoo for blondes that contains a protein complex and American saffron and macadamia nut oils. This combination of ingredients will prevent the appearance of yellowness and preserve the shade of bleached hair for a long time. You can try fashionable coloring on the square - the result will surely please.

Ultra-fashionable ultraviolet light: fashionable coloring for the most daring


Ever wanted to try to push your limits? Now is the time for that! Do you want to know what coloring is in fashion today? Ultraviolet is increasingly occupying our minds and heads - in the literal sense of the word.

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Original, a little provocative, unearthly - it will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. And this is a great alternative to the order of the boring pastel coloring.

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