Minimalism for all sizes: 7 trendy recipes
Minimalism for all sizes: 7 trendy recipes

The author of "Fashion Blog" Anastasia Alekseenko proves that minimalistic sets can decorate any size.

Minimalism for all sizes: 7 trendy recipes Anastasia Alekseenko

Anastasia Alekseenko is the author of "Fashion Blog"

I recently prepared a selection of minimalist looks, and I received a comment, which is also a question: "This is all for the XS size, but what should women wear in regular sizes?"

I report: wearing everything the same. (And I’ll make a reservation right away that we are not discussing minimalism as a direction in its pure form - with a complex cut and sometimes too avant-garde ideas, but rather a simplified variation of it.) The principles of building an image are the same:

knitwear and natural materials with good plasticity;

Image Image Image

silhouette - rectangle or oval;

Image Image Image

draperies and free-flowing folds;

Image Image Image Image

volume is created in the center of the shape. Ankles, hands, collarbones open;

Image Image Image

general mood - comfort and freedom;

Image Image Image

layering, but very light, not excessive;

Image Image Image

basic colors (black, white, gray) plus natural shades

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Anastasia Alekseenko, author of "Fashion Blog"

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