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Learn to weave stylish braids in 5 minutes, it's easy
Learn to weave stylish braids in 5 minutes, it's easy

Have you tried a million times and are completely disappointed in your ability to braid a beautiful braid? This manual will help you learn how to create unrealistically beautiful styling in 5 minutes!

Learn to weave stylish braids in 5 minutes, it's easy!

How to learn to braid

Numerous instructions "How to braid a beautiful braid" on sites are written for magicians and wizards, do you agree? Well, a normal person cannot learn how to manipulate slippery strands that come out without preparation and training. Maybe they have 20 fingers on each hand or there are 5 hands themselves?

We share your feelings!

And that is why we prepared instructions for weaving, which is understandable even for a first-grader and does not require any super-skill, and the result, meanwhile, is excellent!

All these styling is now available to you!

How to braid a braid to one side.

How to braid your hair

braid photo braid video how to braid your hair braid around the head

See how easy it is to braid:

Braid a tight (this is important) braid, choosing the braiding option that you are already familiar with. It can be a spikelet, a French braid, a classic braid, a reverse braid, a headband, or any other braid. We repeat: the main thing is that the weaving should be tight and dense.


Secure the end with an elastic band or tape, clip or hair clip.

And now the most important thing: gently pull on the sides of the braid with your fingers, as if you are trying to pull a strand out of the weave, freeing it. Don't overdo it! Just "loosen up" the weave, loop by loop. If hair volume allows, fluff up each flagellum, beat and add volume to it. If not, flatten the loops that have been released, this will also create relief and style.

Watch some video tutorials on how to create a voluminous braid, and see if you can!

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