Dangerous! 10 worst things you can do to your hair
Dangerous! 10 worst things you can do to your hair

Beautiful hair requires careful maintenance, but often our efforts turn against ourselves. In order not to make common mistakes, carefully study the selection of bad habits. And never do that again!

Dangerous! 10 worst things you can do to your hair

We gave you a lot of useful advice: we told you how to properly style your hair with a hairdryer, how not to damage your hair when curling and dyeing, how to wash your hair and much more … But even if you do everything right, there are some little things and habits that can negate any efforts.

Using old hairbrushes

You probably know that you need to change your toothbrush at least once every three months. The same can be said about the comb: believe me, this is not an item that is used forever. Microbes and bacteria accumulate between the teeth of the comb, which can harm the scalp and, as a result, hair. And yet, after each brushing session, be sure to remove the hairs remaining on the brush, and once a week, carefully wash the comb with soap and a stiff brush. Trichologists also advise never to borrow your comb - even to your best friend! Here we could again draw the analogy with a toothbrush. Well, you get the idea.

Tightening the elastic band too tight

An elastic band for hair, of course, is necessary in everyday life, but it can also harm your hair. If you make a ponytail by pulling it too tightly, blood circulation to the scalp is impaired, and this can lead to increased hair loss. In addition, many elastic bands literally rip out hair when removed: choose only those that will slide off easily and not injure.

You rarely cut your hair

Stylists often tell their clients to cut their hair at least once every two to three months. And most girls ignore this rule! The trouble is, the more the ends split, the weaker your hair becomes as a whole, it especially lacks moisture and nutrition. Therefore, if you want your hair to always be healthy and shiny, regularly trim the ends by at least one centimeter. If you don't have split ends, then cut your hair as needed.

This rule also applies to those who grow hair: in any case, the dry ends must be cut off, no matter how dear to you the length.

Doing restorative procedures too often

The other extreme is an excessive love of hair. If you wear masks too often or constantly visit a salon for professional care, there is a risk not only to throw money down the drain, but also to harm your hair. For example, keratin, which we so often lack and which is found in most hair masks, too much, on the contrary, leads to breakage. Moreover, the constant use of nourishing and moisturizing agents makes the hair noticeably “heavier”, making it weak.

So, after every shampoo, use conditioner, and mask no more than once a week. Most masks have a long-lasting effect, so there is no need to constantly overload the hair.

Do hot styling often

If a curling iron or straightener is your best friend every morning, then don't be surprised if your hair is dry and brittle. Hot stylers evaporate liquid from the hair, which means they will constantly lack moisture. Alas, shampoos and masks will not be able to cope with this problem: you just need to stop abusing hot styling.

The same applies to styling with a hairdryer: the maximum mode, which dries quickly (and at the same time dries up) the hair, it is best not to turn it on at all. No matter how you hurry!

Do not use protective sprays

Thermal spray is the number one product you should have on your shelf next to your shampoo and balm! Thermal protection helps the hair retain moisture and really prevents damage. You need to spray carefully: make sure you don't miss a single strand.

Combing the wrong way

Long hair should not be combed in one wide and firm stroke from roots to ends - this will only lead to unnecessary hair loss and damage. When combing, always hold the strand with your hand so that there is no strong tension at the roots. If in some places the hair is very tangled and is not combed immediately, then first carefully undress it with your fingers, and then comb it again.

Handling wet hair carelessly

When the hair is wet, it is especially vulnerable. The fact is that water makes your hair heavier, and when you inadvertently wipe it off with a towel or actively comb it, there is a risk of losing even those “guys” who have not thought to leave your head yet. Therefore, gently dry your hair with a towel with massage movements, and you can comb it only with a comb with rare teeth.

Wearing too much styling products

We believe that you have a whole arsenal of styling products, but you don't have to pour everything on your head at once! Oil, thermal protection, foam, and then also varnish … Do you really think your hair will like it? Any, even the best products have a chemical composition and make hair heavier, they should not be abused. Here, too, a well-known rule applies: everything is good in moderation. In addition, if nature has already awarded you with luxurious hair, you should not get carried away with experiments and try to achieve perfection.

Haven't changed shampoo for a long time

Usually girls are divided into two camps: those who believe that the shampoo should be changed at least once a month in order to avoid addiction, and those who have found “their own” shampoo and never change it at all. In fact, both are wrong.

Our hair also changes its condition and requires different types of care. If you used an anti-grease shampoo a year ago, this does not mean that you still need it. Products for oily hair dry out, and it is possible that you need a different shampoo a long time ago. In addition, the quality of the hair depends on hormonal levels, the menstrual cycle, and a host of other reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to change the shampoo as needed, following the "mood" of the hair.

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