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The perfect blush: how to choose, how to apply, what to combine with
The perfect blush: how to choose, how to apply, what to combine with

To look stylish, fresh, as if you were sleeping for 10 hours and breathing the mountain air, and at the same time not sinking into the image of Marfushenka-darling, you need to choose the right blush and apply it correctly!

The perfect blush: how to choose, how to apply, what to combine with

How to properly apply blush on your face

Olga Stupina, independent makeup artist:

“If you are not dark and not naturally red, it is better to give up blush with a brick shade. For girls with a cold skin and hair tone, pink and pink-beige shades of blush are suitable, with a warm tone - coral, peach, brown shades. If you dye your hair and from a blonde with a gray undertone in your hair has turned into a brown-haired woman, be guided by your skin tone. Apply blush with a wide brush from bottom to top. For a finishing touch, apply some blush with an eyeshadow brush to the crease of the upper eyelid for a harmonious look."

Yulia Zubareva, independent make-up artist:

“If you want to give your face a fresh look with blush, choose shades no darker than your skin color. Warm peach shades are suitable for girls with golden hair and peach skin, for the rest it is better to choose colder shades of pink. You can focus on your natural lip color and choose a blush that is similar to it. If you use rich textures of lipstick, then it is advisable to choose the shade of blush to match the lipstick (or shade this lipstick on the cheeks). It is best to apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks that protrude with a smile and shade gently to make the blush look as natural as possible."

Nika Kislyak, independent makeup artist:

"In modern life" due to "chronic lack of sleep, stress, ecology, unhealthy diet and various other factors, such a phenomenon as natural blush has practically disappeared. But here's the trouble: a woman's face can look healthy, youthful and rested only if there is one. "What to do?" - you ask. I will not teach you to change my life, but I can give you a couple of tips on choosing and applying blush. brown - a person does not turn brown in nature. Pay attention to pink, peach, coral, tea rose, ginger, etc. As for the texture, now it is better to choose a bold blush: it is easier to apply, the effect is completely natural - in general, one solid plus! And last - maybe most importantly: the blush is not applied from the ear to the corners of the lips. What you are trying to do is called correction, and that's a completely different story. If you want to look great, not funny, apply blush to the most prominent parts of the cheekbones, the so-called apples of the cheeks, which protrude when smiling. You can lightly touch the tip of the nose, chin and browbones for maximum naturalness. ty ".

Olga Komrakova, Clarins international makeup artist:

“Depending on the image, the blush can be applied according to the classical scheme - on the protruding area of ​​the cheekbones, visually bringing the shape of the face closer to the oval, or, following the trends, emphasize the apples of the cheeks or visually raise the cheekbones.

To keep the blush better, apply it to a foundation - cream or powder. If your skin tends to be oily, use a matting makeup base (such as a complexion-leveling product) and use a matting fluid as the foundation.

As a rule, powdery blush fits better on powder, and creamy ones - on foundation. In the second case, powder, if desired, is applied after the blush.

When choosing a blush, you need to understand what effect you want to achieve with the blush - to correct the shape of the face or refresh its tone. In the first case, the shade of blush should be in harmony with other makeup products - with eyeshadow and lipstick. Refreshing blush is applied to the prominent cheekbones.

The best blush, according to makeup artists:

Elian One Touch Liquid Blush Blush Prodige by Clarins High Definition by Make Up For Ever Sunshine Blush by Artdeco Fresh Bloom Allover Cover by Clinique Blush Volupté by Yves Saint Laurent Lasting Finish by Rimmel Les Beiges Stick Belle Mine Naturelle by Chanel
Powder Blush by Revlon

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