What you need to know before deciding on a tattoo - we deal with an expert
What you need to know before deciding on a tattoo - we deal with an expert

Have you been thinking about tattooing for a long time, but are afraid to decide on the procedure because of the huge number of negative comments on the Web? Then our article is what you need.


Of course, before deciding on any beauty intervention, you need to carefully study the issue and figure out whether it is right for you. Especially when it comes to tattooing - a procedure that has managed to acquire so many "horror stories" that it is not easy to decide! We talked with Anna Savina - an international-class permanent make-up master, teacher and artist with 20 years of practice - and now we can answer all your questions!

Anna Savina

Anna Savina Founder of the international brand Pigment Club, company ANNA SAVINA LLC, author and developer of unique patented permanent makeup techniques

Do not worry if your "native" eyebrows are very light and sparse

Are you afraid that the tattoo will look unnatural on faded and sparse eyebrows? This is complete nonsense! Firstly, the master selects the pigment strictly individually for each client, focusing on the natural hair color. And secondly, all modern tattoo techniques imitate real hairs, which means that even among the lightest, they will look natural. It doesn't matter if you are blonde, brown-haired or brunette.

Bad tattooing experience? Everything can be corrected

Do not be afraid, everything can be fixed. For example, the color is gone, but the outlines remain. This could be either with the so-called "spraying", or if the contour was first made (and this should not be - now everything is done without it, so that the result is as natural as possible). So, this is fixable! You can choose a YAG laser, which will erase the mistakes of the past master, or you can simply cover the old contour (if it is barely noticeable). True, in this case, the new eyebrows will be slightly wider than the previous ones.

Permanent make-up as an alternative to fillers ?

Permanent lip makeup is now able to add not only color, but also volume! True, it is worth remembering that tattooing is a visual deception, that is, something that can be drawn. Therefore, it all depends on the individual lip relief. If the lips are not very embossed, then for a natural effect, it is enough to draw a contour slightly higher than the natural one and then carefully paint over this area. With a pronounced relief, permanent makeup will still have to be combined with the use of fillers.

… and even as an alternative to plastic

By the way, the use of tattooing is not limited to the correction of the shape of the eyebrows or lips. Permanent make-up can be used to add relief, highlight the cheekbones, visually reduce the nose, sharpen the chin … It's just like contouring: the face is sculpted by using darker and lighter tones. Also, tattoo will help get rid of dark circles under the eyes. The skin is lightened by creating a special "screen" inside it, through which the vessels do not shine through. After the procedure, you can sunbathe and turn pale - this will not affect the pigment in any way, and the effect will last up to three years. The bottom line: a fresher and younger look without the annoying correctors and concealers! Could we have dreamed about it at the dawn of permanent makeup?

What if I don't like the result?

However, you should always remember that it is impossible to wash off or erase the tattoo. Of course, modern technologies (for example, a YAG laser) allow you to remove permanent makeup, but this is always associated with additional trauma and a waste of time, effort and money. You can't just delete a line you don't like. That is why it is necessary to take into account that a high-quality tattoo simply cannot be cheap, and carefully approach the choice of a master, so that later you do not suffer all your life from an unsatisfactory result.It is better either to have the procedure done by a qualified specialist, or not to do it at all.

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