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How to get rid of big cheeks: home methods that work
How to get rid of big cheeks: home methods that work

From social networks, chiseled cheekbones and sunken cheeks literally "jump" at us. It is quite logical that you may have a desire to "lose weight" this area a little. And although each of us is beautiful in its own way, we decided to tell you how you can (if you really want to) correct your cheeks at home, without resorting to filters and masks on Instagram or radical methods.

How to get rid of big cheeks: home methods that work

First, let's figure out what exactly can be considered big cheeks, because based on this, we will select a way to solve the problem. Contents of the article 1. Why cheeks grow 2. What to do if the matter is not in the structure of the face and health problems are also not diagnosed? 3. Direct impact Hide

Why cheeks grow

First, the problem might be fat. Yes, subcutaneous fat appears in the chin area, and in the lower third of the face, and in the cheekbones … In a word, everywhere …

The most important reason is the overall increase in body weight. This is your case if you have always been inclined to be overweight or for some reason gained kilograms.

Lack of movement, unbalanced diet, violation of the drinking regime, stress can lead to weight gain and, accordingly, to chubby cheeks. In this case, you need to review your diet and include regular cardio workouts in your schedule. They help burn extra calories. We also recommend making an appointment with an endocrinologist in order to exclude or correct hormonal disorders in time.

Secondly, the problem may be swelling. See a doctor to rule out heart and kidney problems, reduce salt and alcohol consumption, because this is what most often retains excess fluid in the tissues.

Follow this "diet" for about a couple of weeks and you will notice the result.

Third, don't forget about the force of gravity. The "floating" face oval can also spoil the mood, but here both cosmetologists and regular (remember this word!) Home care will come to your aid.

And even big cheeks can be your personal innate feature, and then you have three ways: either to finally love yourself for who you are, or to correct the oval of your face with the help of cosmetics (it's not for nothing that make-up artists invented contouring), or sign up for consultation with a plastic surgeon. Yes, yes, we are talking about liposuction now, and about the very removal of Bish's lumps, in the disputes about which many copies have already been broken. Which path to choose is up to you.

"I love stabbing in the face": how does a Ukrainian woman with the largest cheekbones in the world live?

What if it's not about the structure of the face and health problems have not been diagnosed either?

Of course, you can go to a beauty salon or aesthetic medicine clinic: for laser, radio wave or SMAS lifting, lipolytic injections.

But we also offer homemade methods. Try them first!

  • Normalize your food. Take away or at least minimize the consumption of sugar, baked goods (and generally fast carbohydrates), salt, alcohol. Well, you yourself know everything.
  • Go in for gymnastics, aerobics, or whatever sports you like. We're not talking about professional sections - just start moving more! On the one hand, it will help burn calories, and on the other hand, it will stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. And we remind you that extra pounds and centimeters go everywhere, and not just in one selected zone.

Ball face versus pillow face: learning to recognize victims of cosmetology

Direct impact

Lymphatic drainage self-massage. It's fast and convenient, and you can find many videos and pictures on this topic on the Internet. Remember to slide your hands, so it is important to apply a sufficient amount of base oil or cream

However, be careful! We are talking about light massage, not about face-building / face fitness.The latter method also has many fans, but it does not have a scientifically substantiated basis, so we cannot recommend it.

  • Home care. Now the beauty industry offers us a large number of creams and serums for large cheeks. You just have to choose the remedy that is right for you.
  • Contouring! Only not as hard as in the catwalk makeup of five and ten years ago, but light and delicate.
  • And finally, a haircut. On the one hand, you can try to “drape” the cheeks with strands, and on the other, on the contrary, all the pixie variants also visually reduce the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones. Try, experiment!

Modeling gel for the lower third of the face, "Geltek"


Light gel enriched with troxerutin, guarana, caffeine and extracts of fucus, horse chestnut and grape leaves. Thanks to its composition, it has a powerful firming and lipolytic effect. The contours of the face become clearer in a couple of weeks, and no double chin!

V-Shape Filling Concentrate, Valmont


This concentrate solves the problem of sagging and loss of turgor. Do not forget to apply it every morning or evening, and the reflection in the mirror will pleasantly surprise you.

Huile Elixir, Payot


Payot Myrrh & Amyris Oil is great for self-massage! It also nourishes the skin and gives it an inner glow.

Soleil Contouring Compact, Tom Ford


This summer limit will delight you all year round. There is everything for modeling a face with makeup: blush, highlighter and matte bronzer in a universal shade that can be used as a tool for contouring the cheeks.

Facial Sculptor, Shik


If you prefer cream products, then you will definitely like the sculptor from Shik. It blends and layers easily, lasts all day and looks very natural.

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