Fall in love with the camera: how cool it is to be in candid shots - 7 photo examples
Fall in love with the camera: how cool it is to be in candid shots - 7 photo examples

The soul asks for exciting pictures for its own instagram, and the mind warns that you will be very ashamed? Breathe out: the teacher of photography, Ekaterina Tsabinova, who has devoted many years to working with models, tells (and, most importantly, shows) techniques that will allow you to take candid shots and not look vulgar.

Ekaterina Tsabinova

Relationships cannot be turned into a routine, otherwise it will become boring. Agree? But we can always add "pepper" even in ordinary correspondence with a loved one. There are just a few secrets you need to know to take a photo he will never forget, or create an exhilarating profile picture …

First, let's define: what is sexuality for you? For one it is a red negligee and fishnet stockings, for the second - the morning after sex, for the third - a mischievous look and smile. Our mothers also said that there should be a mystery in a woman, and I completely agree with that. Show sexuality without vulgarity is a real art!

The first place to start is to allow yourself to take such pictures. Yes Yes! Exactly to allow. Many women still have the attitude that open lips can only show stars, and cellulite is visible on the pope, and in general, that I’ll flirt with the camera like a fool … If you are already mentally telling yourself this, then understand that all the problems uncertainty and non-photogenicity - only in the head.

Just let yourself be entertained and play. And I'll show you how you can do it.

1. Details


Even if the correspondence gets hot, you do not need to immediately send a candid full-length photo. There is always more fun in the hidden. And it is the small details that spark the imagination. To accentuate the collarbone, bring your shoulder forward a little, slouching slightly. Open your mouth and breathe calmly through it (this will make the jaw look relaxed). Use soft morning light to naturally smooth skin.

2. Standing


Now let's add a degree of voltage and show some pretty legs. The secret of long legs in the photo is simple - shoot yourself from below. Lean on your toes to make your leg look even longer and lighter. In a standing position, it is always important to transfer body weight to one leg, and leave the other leg free - it can move, create a bend in the hip and "peek" out of the cut of the dress. Do not forget about posture: an even back is our everything!

3. Jacket


Falling asleep in a man's house, we put his clothes on a naked body, and it looks very seductive … Hint him about this with the help of a photo. Put on your jacket the other way around. Bare your back and shoulder. Slouching a little, this will create the image of a fragile girl. A little trick for models is knowing that corners add elegance to photographs. You can show the angle at the wrist by touching your face. Work with your eyes and emotions - and you will get an unsurpassed shot.

4. Bitchiness


Even if in ordinary life you are a cutie and a good girl, sometimes it is interesting to change your image and surprise your boyfriend. Put the phone on the floor and unfold the chair. A bold, top-down look demonstrates confidence and dominance. Do not hide your legs under you, bring them forward and put them on their toes. Fold your arms in front of you to close the groin area in the photo, because we do not show everything at once (remember the first rule).

5. Morning after sex


In your personal collection of selfies, there should be a place for a photo from the "morning after sex" series. You are relaxed, calm, but incredibly seductive at the same time. The location can be a bed, a panoramic window, or, as in my photo, a shower. Use a white sheet and … nothing else. Earlier we figured out how to put our legs - just repeat that pose. And with your hands, hold the improvised "dress" nicely. One wrist touches the waist, and the other gently strokes the face.



How is it aesthetically pleasing to show the buttocks? My option is in profile. Lean your hands on a high support, but do not lift your shoulders! Lower them a little so that the neck is visible. Put one foot forward on the tiptoe, exhale and suck in your stomach, make a cat arch in the lower back. When you are not looking at the camera, the effect is peeping. As if you were not going to pose, you were just accidentally caught in the lens. And men love to spy on beautiful girls.

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