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Instead of a hat: nourishing masks that protect hair from the cold
Instead of a hat: nourishing masks that protect hair from the cold

Autumn and winter are the period when hair care should be as thorough and intense as possible. And we have already compiled for you a list of super nourishing masks that are especially relevant in the coming months.

Instead of a hat: nourishing masks that protect hair from the cold

If the cold affects the condition of your hair, try to protect it with these masks. The situation will improve significantly! Contents of the article 1. Mask for intense shine of hair Oil Reflections, Wella Professionals 2. Regenerating mask for coarse and severely damaged hair Rich & Repair, weDo / 3. Nourishing mask All Soft, Redken 4. Mask for intensive care of the scalp Balance B3, System Professional 5. Mask-balm for hair growth after covid, Anna Sharova 6. Mask "Intensive hydration" with phytokeratin, 19LAB 7. Cream-mask for express recovery Total Results Total Treat, Matrix 8. Nourishing hair mask 3 in 1 "Banana Superfood", Garnier Fructis 9. Weleda Regenerating Oat Mask 10. Bonus 10.1 Chanel N5 Perfumed Hair Veil Hide

Autumn is almost over. And ahead is winter, wind, snow and freezing temperatures - in general, everything that negatively affects the condition of the hair. Alas, in cold weather the hairstyle suffers the most. And we're not only talking about the impossibility of keeping the smoothness and volume due to the cap! Hair becomes thinner, dry and tangle-free … We suggest breaking this eternal seasonal hellish circle and turning on active hair care. And his first item is super nutritious masks. They will create a protective layer on the hair and prevent breakage. Choose which one to take to your bathroom shelf!

Mask for intense shine of hair Oil Reflections, Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals

This mask is great for hair with any degree of damage and even in situations with unsuccessful coloring and burned strands! But its main charm lies in the express result. Leave the product on hair for only 5 minutes to get a flawless shine and care along the entire length.

Revitalizing mask for coarse and severely damaged hair Rich & Repair, weDo /


By the way, the Wella Professional universe has recently been replenished with a new eco-brand called weDo /. Its range includes fragrant vegan hair and body products in recyclable packaging.

The weDo / collection contains the ideal cold remedies. So, the Rich & Repair line was created specifically for severely damaged problem hair. She makes the curls less brittle and more manageable and takes intensive care of them. For a wow effect, we advise you to start your acquaintance with the brand with a mask, in order to forget about hopeless situations and painful combing.

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Nourishing mask All Soft, Redken


And this mask is a well-known favorite among professionals and is often found in the arsenal of beauty salons. An intense moisturizing complex in its composition, as well as revitalizing proteins, nourish the curls and restore the optimal level of moisture in the hair. What you need for winter!

Mask for intensive scalp care Balance B3, System Professional

System Professional

The scalp needs no less serious care than the hair. And if in the summer it is easy to do this by including a periodic scrub or peeling in your beauty menu, in winter such measures may turn out to be too harsh and draining and will only worsen the general situation!

System Professional offers an excellent solution. Intensive mask, saturated with the patented Dermacalm complex, cares for hair from roots to ends, intensively moisturizing and smoothing along the length. At the same time, the product restores the natural protective barrier of the scalp, eliminates tightness, itching and flaking - the eternal companions of temperature changes and warm hats, in which it is sometimes so uncomfortable to walk.

Mask-balm for hair growth after covid, Anna Sharova

Anna sharova

This innovation definitely deserves your attention.The Russian brand Anna Sharova has created a whole line of hair products aimed at combating the effects of the coronavirus.

As you know, covid really "hits" the state of immunity in general and hair in particular, and provokes hair loss. First, Anna Sharova created a hair strengthening serum, and then supplemented it with a mask-balm with active vanilla ester. The aromatic substance allows you to accelerate the delivery of other beneficial components of the composition to the hair follicle and reduces inflammation, due to which hair loss slows down, and the hair becomes softer and more radiant.

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Mask "Intensive hydration" with phytokeratin, 19LAB


Keratin is the most important structural protein in the body, on which the youth and health of the skin and hair directly depend. There is never a lot of keratin, you can safely use beauty products with this component in the composition!

Pay attention to the fragrant mango mask from the domestic brand 19LAB. Thanks to the phytokeratin in its composition, this product reconstructs the hair shafts and maintains an optimal moisture balance. The mask also removes frizz and makes hair more manageable.

Cream-mask for express recovery Total Results Total Treat, Matrix


A cream mask from the brand of professional cosmetics Matrix will help out even in the most difficult situations. We highly recommend trying it if, for example, you have recently had a perm or another coloring. Thanks to high technologies, the formula of this mask is filled with charged protein molecules, so the moisture of the hair rises immediately upon contact with the product, as well as the strength and elasticity of the curls.

Nourishing hair mask 3 in 1 "Banana Superfood", Garnier Fructis

Garnier Fructis

Well, you've probably already heard about this beauty bestseller. 98% of natural ingredients in the composition and multifunctional use (as a balm, mask and non-wash) turned this product into a real miracle. Use the mask when your hair lacks moisture and you will soon forget about all the problems.

Weleda oat revitalizing mask


Organic jojoba and shea oils, oat extract - these simple, but such well-known, valuable and nutritious components in this mask give the hair intensive care and moisture along its entire length. What is important, after applying this mask, your strands are guaranteed to remain light and voluminous, since the formula of the product contains neither silicones, nor mineral oils, nor other insidious ingredients that beat on the condition of the hair.

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Chanel N5 Perfumed Hair Veil

Chanel n5

In the cold season, very often they give this advice: in no case do not apply perfume to your hair, because the alcohol in their composition will dry out the strands, even if we are talking about just a couple of zips. But if you cannot deny yourself the desire to smell from the very top of your head (and we understand you!), Replace the usual fragrance with a special hair veil. This is, for example, at Chanel.

This haze-veil with jasmine and rose scent gives a special fragrance, but at the same time gently affects the hair. In general, an ideal solution for those who want to stand out and always feel their favorite composition.

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