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Does your head need to be washed twice? Expert opinion
Does your head need to be washed twice? Expert opinion

It would seem that the question is trivial, but few people know the answer to this question. We decided to talk to experts and find out if you need to shampoo your hair twice or if it's a marketing ploy.

Trichologist's opinion

Hasmik Kotyan

Hasmik Ktoyan Doctor-cosmetologist, trichologist of beauty-space Institute

The fact that it is better to wash your head twice is true, not a myth. Applying the shampoo for the first time, we wash away the secretion of the sebaceous glands, accumulated dirt and hair styling products, and the second time we cleanse the scalp. If this is not done, then the cleansing will not be of sufficient quality: keratinized scales will accumulate on the scalp, the hair will lose volume, the dermis will become sensitive and the risk of dandruff will increase.


This is especially true for medicinal shampoos: first you need to wash the scalp and rinse off the shampoo, and the second time leave the shampoo for a while.

However, if you are used to washing every day, then a single application of the product is enough.

I would also like to note that you need to wash your hair as it gets dirty: you should not shorten the procedure to 1-2 times a week, thinking that this way you will train your hair and it will less get dirty or fall out. The main thing is to choose home care correctly so as not to harm your strands.


Stylist's opinion

Artem Klyukin

Artem Klyukin Hair Spot stylist

Do I need to wash my hair twice? Opinions differ, but I am a supporter of the fact that all the same, yes, it is necessary. The fact is that, applying the shampoo for the first time, we wash off the dust and residues of styling products, and the second time we thoroughly rinse the hair, cleanse the scalp from sebum.

When you wash your hair, pay attention to how the shampoo will foam. It usually lathers much worse the first time than the second. This suggests that the shampoo works immediately and clearly does not cope with the task in one go.


If you wash your hair every day and use styling products every day, I still advise you to wash your hair twice, as all styling products inevitably settle on the scalp and hair. If you wash your hair every day and don't use styling, I think once is enough.

The cleanliness of the hair and scalp is important not only aesthetically. Blockage of hair follicles slows down their growth and leads to thinning.

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