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"Life is interesting": what I realized without getting married before 40
"Life is interesting": what I realized without getting married before 40

There are people who are most comfortable alone. Our heroine is 42, and on condition of anonymity she shared what she likes (and not so much) in this way of life.

"Life is interesting": what I realized without getting married before 40

1. Life is interesting

“At the age of 20, I no longer excluded the possibility that I would not have a family and children. I dated men, but did not attach such importance to it as most of my friends. They set themselves the goal of getting married and achieved it. And I was looking for myself and, frankly speaking, had little interest in the people around me. Now, of course, I understand who I am, but I don't see a person next to me who is suitable for marriage or at least a serious relationship.

2. You must be smart

If you live alone, you must be able to plan life and communication. My friends who are married, and especially those with children, prefer to date the same. And already I have to think about how to meet with them, sometimes reducing friendship to dinners on weekdays. I sometimes feel anxious to think about what will happen if I get fired, but I am sure that it is much worse to depend on someone, not only financially, but also morally. If you are alone, you will not be abandoned.

3. It is sad

I do not want to show that being alone is an eternal holiday. Sometimes it is very difficult and there is no one to complain to except the dog. These weddings with brilliant brides and satisfied grooms half my age remind me that my life has not gone the way it used to be.

4. You are free

Last weekend I went to the 2nd birthday of my friends' son, saw many classmates with their families, had a good time. When the children started to rage, she returned to her cozy apartment, made coffee and watched a movie.

5. The future is undefined

I wonder if I will meet my love? Is friendship enough for me to be content with life? I have a family: mom, brothers and their families. I have enough friends in different cities. But uncertainty remains.

6. Sexual life - is

Do you want to talk about it? Nowadays it is easier than ever to find a partner just for sex, without emotional involvement. Do I practice open sex? No, but I have someone to call to get what I want.

7. My situation is not unique

I live in a big city and see quite a few single men and women in their forties. The reasons are different, but it cannot be denied that there are not so few such people.

8. I feel great

I will not lie: ten years ago I was very worried that life was developing this way. But the more candles there were on the birthday cake, the less I worried about it. And now I am completely satisfied with my life."

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