Cosmetic fasting, or skin fasting: is there a need for a conscious refusal of care
Cosmetic fasting, or skin fasting: is there a need for a conscious refusal of care

Beauty-lovers love experimentation: the day before yesterday they tested cosmetics from supermarkets, yesterday they introduced multi-step Korean care into their routine, and today they decided to refuse care altogether. Yes, you heard right: many girls have tried skin fasting on themselves - a deliberate rejection of cosmetics for a certain period. Why was it invented and is it worth imposing such restrictions on yourself?

Cosmetic fasting, or skin fasting: is there a need for a conscious refusal of care

In our difficult times, we try to protect ourselves from the harmful factors of the environment in which we live in order to maintain the beauty and health of our skin. And as soon as some brand releases a new promising cream, we rush to the store for another magic jar.

However, in parallel in the beauty industry there is a trend towards minimalism - not only in the design of cosmetics, but also in its consumption. The most striking example of this phenomenon was the call for cosmetic starvation by Koko Hayashi, the creator of the Japanese cosmetics brand Mirai Clinical.

Cosmetic fasting, or skin fasting, is a temporary rejection of the entire beauty routine. It sounds strange, especially after we have been constantly hearing about the benefits of multi-step Korean care in recent years. But despite this, the cosmetic fasting movement has gained a lot of followers.

Koko Hayashi suggests to forget about tubes and jars for a while and use warm water as a wash. Many, having tried this method, first complained of irritating dry skin and an irresistible desire to smear something. After a few days, this sensation passed, and people began to see significant changes in the skin: a smooth relief, a decrease in redness, pores and sebum secretion. You can read real reviews on Instagram using the hashtags #skinfasting and #skinfastingchallenge.

So what's the secret? Of course, everyone wants to stay forever young and beautiful. There are no problems with the choice of cosmetics - there is such an abundance on the shelves that the eyes run up. But in reality, according to followers of skin fasting, this is not as good as it seems: we overfeed our skin so much that it ceases to take care of itself. We must not forget that the excessive use of high-tech ingredients disrupts the natural process of cell regeneration, which occurs about once a month.

The more we pamper our skin, the more capricious it becomes.

That is why the first few days of giving up cosmetics are so difficult. By the way, it is worth paying attention to the psychological moment. Finding ourselves in a situation without our cosmetic "doping", we feel uncomfortable. We are so used to applying something on ourselves that without it we can no longer leave the house. Many of those who did this described the sensation: it seemed to them that they were "naked." But at the same time, they understood how heavily addicted to cosmetics. After a few days of adaptation, everything got better - worries about their appearance disappeared, anxious thoughts that this morning in a hurry had forgotten to apply some serum disappeared. By giving up daily beauty rituals, you can help yourself get used to the natural look of your face, and also understand that many products on the shelves in the bathroom are not for good, but rather for psychological peace.

This trend will also please those who respect the environment.

Unfortunately, most companies still continue to manufacture products in non-recyclable packaging and use a huge amount of resources for production.

This means that so far the only way to help nature is to be smart about the choice of funds and not buy everything, because, according to Euromonitor International, in 2018 almost 108 billion rubles were spent on facial care products in Russia.

There are no exact recommendations on how and when to carry out cosmetic fasting. Some people advise doing this on vacation, in countries with high humidity. In such a climate, the skin will bear the cancellation of skin care much easier. But if the vacation is not coming soon, you can start now, refusing to leave for the night. Followers of skin fasting advise simply leaving the skin intact after washing and leaving protection during the day. Still, the factors of influence of the big city have not been canceled: dust, dirt, ultraviolet light and sudden changes in temperature are harmful to the skin … And with the onset of winter it is better to protect it from weathering.

Before starting "fasting", make sure that you do not have any dermatological diseases: eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea, ichthyosis, hormonal acne and others. With these skin pathologies, you cannot stop using the prescribed remedies.

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