Favorite men of Kate Middleton: hockey player, journalist, lawyer and son of the Baron
Favorite men of Kate Middleton: hockey player, journalist, lawyer and son of the Baron

The Duchess of Cambridge was severely burned several times before meeting the prince. On her path in life, an athlete, a millionaire and other enviable suitors met.

Favorite men of Kate Middleton: hockey player, journalist, lawyer and son of the Baron

Willem Marks

The journalist was Kate's first boyfriend. They met briefly while studying at the prestigious Marlborough College in the west of England. Childhood romantic relationships grew into friendship. They were sometimes seen together in London, when Middleton was already dating Prince William.

Marks graduated from Oxford University. He was promoted to correspondent for the CBS News program. Willem was among the guests at the wedding of the Dukes of Cambridge. The journalist himself is married to the Italian TV presenter Joanna Botta. They have a son, Diego.

Willem with his wife and son

Harry Blakelock

At 19, Middleton fell in love with the captain of the Marlborough College hockey team when she was in her senior year. Together with him, she flew to Florence, taking a year off before entering St Andrews University.

Harry played with Kate's feelings. He either approached her or disappeared from her life. A classmate of Middleton said that her friend had not seen anyone but Harry. “Kate talked about him all the time. She wanted to be with Harry. But he broke her heart, "- the friend of the Duchess of Cambridge revealed the secret.

Harry was Kate's first big love

Harry was Kate's first big love, vimeo.com/132360395


Kate Middleton and other stars who live in luxury homes

Today Prince William and Kate Middleton live in the luxurious A1 apartment of Kensington Palace. The magnificent 20-room apartment overlooking Hyde Park is decorated in gold tones (but what else?), However, for example, the children's bedrooms are furnished with standard IKEA furniture.

Rupert Finch

The third boyfriend was much older than Kate. She entered the first year of St. Andrews, and Rupert was already finishing it. Chosen Middleton studied at the Faculty of Law. Their romance lasted less than a year, but the ex-lovers are friends with families. Finch is also a close friend of Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

The successful lawyer is married to a British aristocrat - Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs. She founded the fashion brand Beulah London - dresses of this brand are often seen on the Duchess of Cambridge. Rupert and Natasha are raising three daughters: Georgia, Sienna and India. The girls are called the future brides of Princes George and Louis.

Rupert's wife is the Duchess's favorite designer

Rupert's wife is the Duchess's favorite designer, Legion-Media

Henry Ropner

Kate and Prince William started dating in their sophomore year at university. However, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II doubted this relationship. He parted ways with Middleton in 2007. But Kate almost immediately had a boyfriend. It was the son of Baron Sir John Ropner. The Henry family owns a £ 33.7 million shipping management firm.

However, Kate still reunited with William three months after the breakup. The heir to Baron Ropner also found his happiness. He married model Natasha Sinclair. The couple with two daughters live in Somerset.

Henry with his wife and daughters

Prince William

Many saw Kate as the wife of Diana Spencer's eldest son back in her university years. But William unexpectedly broke up with Middleton. Some believe that the prince was under too much pressure to talk about a possible engagement. The situation was complicated by the fact that after studying, Elizabeth II sent her grandson to military service. Because of this, Kate rarely saw her lover.

The Duchess of Cambridge left for Ireland to survive the breakup. And when she returned to London, she found that her sister Pippa had settled in her apartment. The girl took Kate to parties, trying to distract her from sad thoughts. Thanks to her sister, she attended a concert in memory of Princess Diana. There they met William, and their love story took on a continuation.

William and Kate got married in 2011

The Dukes of Cambridge showed how their weekend goes by in a country house.

Kate Middleton was caught imitating Meghan Markle.

Prince William was flirting with his wife on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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