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American manicure: done quickly, lasts a long time
American manicure: done quickly, lasts a long time

We have known about French manicure for a long time and, it seems, absolutely everything. But have you ever heard of the American manicure technique? But in fact, it is much older and more common.

American manicure: done quickly, lasts a long time

We will tell you about all the details of American manicure and the rules for its implementation. Contents of the article 1. What is American manicure 2. Colors of American manicure 3. Rules for the care of American manicure Hide

Each of us has done a French manicure at least once, or at least knows its main difference from other types of design. This type of manicure became especially popular in the 2000s, but soon faded away, and became popular again in 2021. That's just not with a white border, but with the brightest color variations.

You've probably heard about Korean manicure as well. Or rather, about the incredible variety of techniques that exist within its framework. Asian nail masters never stop there and every season they surprise the world with new beauty trends that are not always easy to repeat.

Did you know that the USA also has its own method of manicure? Interestingly, she appeared much earlier than all other nail techniques!


The "birth" of American manicure fell on the 1950s, as did many other beauty trends. In the post-war period, the image of an American woman, or rather an American housewife, became a real salvation from the horrors of the past. American women tried to be impeccable in everything - as they say, to the tips of their nails. And please your husbands with this.

Of course, since then, the idealized image of a housewife has been criticized more than once. It was he who, at different times, became the reason for the emergence of both sex revolutions and the body-positive movement.

In the end, American women ceased to be hostages of the strictest beauty standards, but they still did not give up their favorite manicure.

What is American manicure

American manicure technique implies a combination of beauty, grace, but at the same time, practicality and convenience. Thanks to him, a woman should forget about all the problems that nails can bring. As for the care, and the combination with the wardrobe.

In classic American manicure, it is customary to combine the color of the nails with a shade of lipstick, which you use on an ongoing basis. That is why the palette here is not so great and is limited to nude, red and - much less often - darker wine shades. Well, but with such a manicure you can go to the office or to a party!


Another important nuance is the shape and length of the nail. American women, although practical, love to rely on femininity. That is why most of them choose an oval nail and a small, but still length. This combination is suitable for any hand shape and does not require a long regrowth.

Image Image Image

American manicure colors

Of course, over the decades of its existence, American manicure has moved away from strict adherence to the rule "What nails - such lipstick." Well, at least because today not all women necessarily (and almost around the clock) wear lipstick on their lips. In the technique, variation is allowed under "colorless" lips, for example, with a matte effect. The main thing is no design and complexity!


Modern American manicure also involves the use of several shades at once. True, they still need to be quite calm and self-possessed so as not to stand out much in the general mass. Well, most often translucent shades are used. Firstly, such varnishes are applied much easier than saturated ones and do not require long and verified brush strokes. And secondly, if suddenly something happens to the nail, the chip of varnish will not be so striking and you will not need to immediately run to the salon or sit down and redo the manicure yourself.

Image Image

If you want something richer than modest nude, it is better to choose rich, deep shades. Or dilute the beige scale with a dark accent on a couple of nails, although this is already considered too bold and unconventional for an American manicure.


American manicure care rules

Beauty gurus from the Web have long been saying that it is simply impossible to find high-quality manicure in America and Europe. At least because local nail salons are very limited in their attitude to nail and cuticle care - for fear of accidentally cutting a client, who can easily sue for this. So you can only count on renewal of the coating and light hand care during your visit.


American manicure implies a mediocre attitude of the master to nails: a minimal study of the shape of the nail, which can be easily repeated at home. And if something went wrong and the nail broke, you can easily file the rest to fit its new length. Doesn't it sound attractive?

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